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  1. if you try to take 0 gp out of the mank(take x amount then enter in 0) It says: You cant hold that much! Edit:it used to but obviously not anymore. :wall:
  2. i will propably be at alotta halloween parties around this time on runescape as it is my birthday on halloween :twisted: muhahahhaha
  3. Sorry, pergaps you forgot but i asked for a buddy back on page 6 about a month ago think you could do it?
  4. rofl this happened earlier and it made me laugh. My friend is the woodcutter on the left and im the one in the d med and the guy in the middle was trying to buy our axes for 250 maples 500 yews and 18k So we beat him up \
  5. It needs someone doing the maccorana big time...
  6. I once tried to colour code everything when i was bored lol, i couldnt find a THING the next day #-o
  7. i think its a good idea, being able to light logs with magic would look pretty cool. To be honest bending over with a tinder box just cramps my style!
  8. yeah, ok lol i dont expect you to do me before everyone else lol :^o Lol joke
  9. OOh these are really good! Can you do me one wearing: d med rune pl8 zammy rune pl8 legs zammy Ammy of glory dark gloves whip rune defender obby cape can he be leaning against an alley walll in a shadow kinda thing and be saying: Your in trouble...
  10. No he should do the maccoraina Do penguins have knees, and if they do, what the heck for?
  11. Ok, I suppose its not funny, thats because its not meant to be... Also suicidal? No no no, this works well, and for the eigthundredth time, who cares if you get a barrows item or not?? I think that people may be confused that 1 p pot is enough, the pots i use all have 4 doses in. The way to do this is use one 3 dose with another and bingo! you have one 2 dose one 4 dose. And the chances in dieng the way i do it.. Lets just say after roughly 50 runs i have never been close to dying.
  12. No I was a normal human being if you can call a strange creature with a long ginger beard that...
  13. you could just say mine mounds map was rubbish if you want. :lol:
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