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  1. Usually speak to the people sat next to me and then watch movies. If the flight's short enough sometimes they don't supply movies so I read the newspaper if they're available. You tend to meet a LOT of people going on bussiness in flights so you learn some cool things from each of them.
  2. Or, you know, just a small group of crazy's. No need to stereotypically jump to all of religion :| . Yeah, dude, I find that offensive. Like, seriously. Cut me deep. Religion holds to a set of codes passed down for (what, 6000 years?), 2000 years, and 1500 years for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam respectively. (I don't know where buddhism and Hinduism started :| ) I think it was proven that Christianity and Islam are one of the very young religions in the world while Judaism and Hinduism are probably two of the most ancient. Hinduism being actually the world's oldest organized religion. Christianity could be considered an off shoot of Judaism as Buddhism was an off shoot of Hinduism (Hindus believe Buddha being one of the ten avatars god came down as). The thing i dont like is how Judaism has been hunted, slandered and slaughtered and still is being to this date. Hinduism is always linked to the worship of false idols :roll: and Christianity is probably the most slandered and criticized religion in the world. All i can do is thank god that christians are tolerant people.
  3. train until you could use dragon 8-) If you don't want to do that then mining/smithing or firemaking/woodcutting is quite fun timewasters. So repetitive but addictive XD. You'll see a load of people skilling or training that you can't help but talk to which is quite fun while you skill/train.
  4. Whichever species got fingers and thumbs first :) What would happen if the British never colonised India or colonised America?
  5. You're going to compare being gay to prostitution and needle based druga usage? :wall: No? If you were educated on the subject, prostitution and drug use carry risk of HIV/AIDS. The same reason that this law prevents homosexuals from giving blood. You have to realize (you probably were not alive at the time) that in the 1980's, the Western world was going NUTS over HIV/AIDS. I will give you that this law is probably outdated, but it made sense for it's time. It was not a law based on far-right values or made to "gay-bash." I completely agree with Barihawk there. We can't judge history being right or wrong from where we sit now. We know anti-semmitism is wrong now but in a society 100s of years ago it would have been perfectly acceptable. One of the reasons given for the plague that swept through Europe was that it was because Jewish people lived there and therefore must be burnt to be rid of the plague. :-s Although they had no real proof for Jews being burnt for the plague, Im sure at the time there must have been some sort of medical proof that linked homosexuality and HIV/AIDs so this law does make sense, although outdated it did make sense. It's not prejudice, rather making sure that the majority don't end up like the minority :S. It's more about the risks for the person on the recieving end of the blood. Trying to minimalize the risk isn't prejudice, only fair to the person on the recieving end.
  6. Flame_guy3


    Lol! :lol: That was a good one, what i was going to say but goddess simply worded it better.
  7. I feel this is because of human beings' nature, our nature is to be barbaric. Something modern day society tries its best to prevent; but riots, protests are all shows of how a majority of humans are still barbaric on the inside.
  8. So your telling me a misinformed, poorly judged choice is justified? Let me add something else: Its like me going up to someone and shooting them and assuming they have commited a crime. My justification is that someone told me you commited a crime, i have no real proof or heard nothing real convincing but hey if someone said it, ill shoot you! :thumbsup:
  9. So your telling me a misinformed, poorly judged choice is justified?
  10. Which it clearly has on yourself. Also notice, that your skull has the thickest bone in your body.. Your forehead :roll: In your case it doesn't necessarily apply. They probably needed more medical care, physically and psychologically after the friendly police visit, than they needed prior to the visit. Might be but the side of your head...the top of your head...use a bit of sense. LOL i wouldn't be surprised if they did :roll: Why because its CHILD ABUSE NOT TO GIVE PROPER CARE TO THE CHILD. If she had just let him get checked up PROPERLY this would have been avoided. Self caused she brought it up on herself. I doubt its child abuse to give the care you feel best for your child. What my mom used to do was try to make me better in the house first and take me to the hospital if she thought i really needed a check up. Unless he had a gash down his forehead and blood was spewing out there was really NO NEED for this. As you can see the doctor prescribed the same thing the mother was already doing (or so the news story claims) don't even bother saying she's lieing or anything of the sorts because you can't tell and neither can I and i doubt we will ever know the full story so don't sit in judgement thinking the SWAT are the almighty truth. Sure if i had a recieved a complaint a woman isn't taking her child to a doctor, i'd have probably sent a few policemen to question her not a god dam SWAT team to screw her whole family over and possibly traumatize them for no reason.
  11. Well. Its just as ironic that they helped the Taliban get Afghanistan back in the 1980's. Trained them, supplied them, and reinstated them into power. Thats the funniest thing my mum remembers India trying constantly to tell America not to trust the Taliban. After they finished their enemy in Russia they turned around and caused one of the most well known disasters in history... History seems to have a lot of causes yet the general thinking is to have one group/person to blame it on.
  12. playing runescape = biggest waste of time ever :(
  13. I just find it amazing how America can fund the Israelis with weapons and guns to kill palaestines and lebanese and yet when they take up arms their automatically labelled terrorists. It's sick. Still, America is damned if it acts and damned if it doesn't... Thats the price of being the world's biggest super power i guess... :roll:
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