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  1. Ok im hearing alot of wcing and fishng and mining. I personally thing Questing is a great idea, in fact i just completed the Lost City quest not too long ago.
  2. :ohnoes: I know there are a bunch of high level people on tipit, so therefore i ask this.. If you have stats like the one above what would you do on runescape, how would you better improve them? What quests would you do? Minigames ? Would you cry? :lol:
  3. To think..If Jagex had planned this update a long time ago, WHO KNOWS what they currently have planned for Later... Maybe God Wars dungeon is some sort of training for a future update waiting to be unleashed!
  4. Ok my membership has expired and whenever your membership expires you know that all your members-items in the bank will freeze as stated in the knowledge base. But with all the items that you Cant Even Use clogged in your bank and with the minimal F2P bank storage, You dont even have space for any more items. You can only take items out of your bank but you cant really deposit them anymore. Lets say that you want to keep all the members items in your bank, just in case you want to resubscribe in a few months so you dont want to clear any rare items from your bank. Suggestion: I suggest that whenever an members subscription has been expired or cancelled, All members items are removed from your possession (i.e. equipped items, Bank items and inventory items that are members only.) and put into a secret place or something...until you resubscribe. Pros: This will be great for those members who still want to play on F2P servers after they cancelled membership. You will be able to bank your items from F2P without having the bank filled to the brim with clogged members items you cant even use. Cons: After you unsubscribe to your members' lets say you added more items and then you resubscribe...your bank may be over filled. Add more pro and cons if you wish guys, I already know that this topic will be filled with cons! :lol: Rate & Comment!
  5. Ok, Just so everyone can shut up about the updates, Here is the YouTube URL to the video of Updates!
  6. Dude post this on YouTube, I don't feel like DLing this... :wall:
  7. Pics of the G-Mace?( new nickname for it) :P
  8. Thirteen Thousand, Seven Hundred twenty, (13,720), 1000x13.72, 13.72k ......You get the idea
  9. Slayer, Rock crabs, The Dungeon you unlock after doing a soul's bane Quest...
  10. Judging by your Lvls i'd say Yew cutting They Sell for 250 ea in free worlds. but if you wish to sell Cooked Swordfish (300ea) You may have a hard time cooking them and fishing them (That is, If your impatient) But in Later Levels You'll enjoy it because its easier to cook and fish. On a plus side You dont have to worry about other people stealing your fish because everyone has equal chances of getting a fish unlike In Wcing or Mining, Where a tree may get cut or your sharing a rock and they can steal ores... Also For Smithing, Steel bars may take a lot of time but worth it in the end, 500-600 ea.
  11. 2shae


    Unless your merchanting them, Rares Are Useless!! Spend your money on runes or armour or skilling.
  12. Ok If you have the 4 mill you may be willing to waste heres what you do. 1. I Saw your stats and you have 85 fletching, Make about 4 mil gps worth of Yew bows (or 4 mil worth of any items you can make with any other skill iron ore, pure ess, unids....) 2. now that you have 4 mill in gps and 4 mill in items Do not sell your items!!! Spend the 4 mill on herblore and sell your items after you've finished. Your now back to normal Budget level and with your shiny New Herblore Level!! =D>
  13. Keep hitting The Arrows next to 'World', 'Players' or others and it will not only change the listing order, but it can refresh the page without sending you to RS home. :D
  14. 1. Keep buying multiple sets of full rune for 170k and sell them for 180k. Once you get like a lot of sets take a pic and put it in your sig :D . But seriously keep doing that and you'll get that reward! 2. Pking on a pure Account is always cool just get him to 40 attack and 60+ strength 3. God Armour is a waste!!! Its basically a decorated full rune. Your better off with regular rune sets. Or spend your money on Runes Or Arrows. 4. Do Number one but with Trimmed armour ( finding out the price range is needed because i dont know it) Hope I helped!
  15. Dude Trade me those super restores! lol OK Chaos Druids are the best at finding normal herb, as of 2nd ingridients, i dont know. Just wear a ring of wealth while doing it. :-w
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