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  1. Hold on there was nothing wrong I just didn't understand, the feature is to tell me when new threads are posted it doesn't give me information of new posts period. I have to follow a thread individually for that. Which is strange, but I will accept that.
  2. To clarify I don't mean using cheat codes in the game or hacking. I would never do that as it would be unfair to players who want to play the game legitimately and I think anyone who thinks of doing that is insane. My question is it possible to get past these monks and bring forbidden items regardless? Only going by what you actually CAN do in the game and not something you guy buy with real world money, thank you.
  3. Before I left RuneScape the dragon battleaxe was my favorite weapon in the game. And it still is. And I'm still at the opinion that not using that weapon because it's so slow is horseshit, but I shouldn't have used that disagreement to weaponize these comments I disagreed with to make a video exaggerating how bad this place is and I apologize for that, this is a great place and I shouldn't have lied about it being worse than it actually is. Anyway the question I have is this. And I would like an answer if possible. Are dragon battleaxes based on anything that existed in the real world in the UK or europe? I'm sure battleaxes did exist in the real world back then, I'm not asking that. I'm asking what specifically is the dragon battleaxe based on? Thank you. EDIT: I'm curious about this too, I know the dragon battleaxe is magical, would it be bullet proof too?
  4. I specifically subscribed to all forums and specifically chose one e-mail a day so I get notified of ALL posts as this place isn’t very popular now anyway. But no. Instead I only get an e-mail of threads I subscribed to individually. Where the hell is the email for other things? I shouldn’t have to go back to this site to see mew posts that’s why I chose e-mail subscription. Sorry if I sound uncivil but this really bothers me.
  5. I hate old school RuneScape since the original version was outdated and I didn't hate and still don't the new combat system at the time. I haven't tried much of the old school runescape nor am I interested. I like to live in the present not the past.
  6. If it takes hours I wouldn't. I want to play a variety of the game, not one place or mode.
  7. Because I am considering returning to RuneScape and want to talk to fellow players.
  8. I realize that I have been playing the game wrong by mostly just killing monsters and making items out of what they drop. This is an online game, doing stuff like that is better reserved for a single player game. And honestly, I'm glad that smithing rework update happened, as now 4-5 years later I realize I was wasting my time especially since I spent 3 years killing monsters, gathering what they drop and get nothing for it. At least when I accomplish something in public YouTube videos I have an audience which says congratulations. I am considering going back, however I will delete the monster logs and forget about that completely and this time play the game like it's meant to be played, by interacting with other players. So any advice?
  9. Why are you digging up a thread that's over a decade old? You could have made a new thread about this.
  10. Actually, if you look deep, you will find out the vast majority of movies out there ARE original. Only a small amount of movies released are based on something popular. The reason we don't hear about them much is because they don't get any advertising, you have to actively look for them in order to find them. Look I respect your opinion, but I like a lot of these Disney live-action remakes personally. But if you hate them that's fine.
  11. There is one thing I am wondering about. How accurate is the new Wonka movie from 2023 to its time period? Look, I get it's a fantasy movie and it's not meant to be but I am still wondering about that.
  12. Wow this really was a terrible blog wasn't it? Just logs and stuff like that. No wonder on one was interested in it.
  13. Granted, but a lot is taken from your bank account because the food is not free. I wish to become as famous as Chris Stuckmann when it comes to my movie reviews.
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