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  1. gee gee Chelsea, actually the good guys for once. Can't believe Chelsea actually out-[bleep]ed another team.
  2. The one and only The last thing I did on RS, wonder what my return on investment is today 25x (3.6b or so). Incredibly better than the S&P 500, by comparison, in the same period. By not playing, you made over 1m gp/day, which is far better than all worthwhile dailies combined. Wait.... Purple is 3.6b? What?? And Musky. Whoa throwback Hats: 3525-3625/3700-3850/3850-4250/5100-5300/6700-7100/8800-9300 These are the current hat prices lol (Purp/Yellow/Green/Red/White/Blue) Slightly closer to 120 Inv, I mean Fishing.
  3. They really aren't worth doing, unless you're confident in your combat ability and have some of the best gear around. All of the new 'elite' slayer creatures are generally not worth doing. I'd recommend you simply skip them.
  4. Do dailies, such as Vis Wax, buy fire runes from shops, battlestaffs, MTK, etc. Vis Wax alone can be up to 550k per day. Herb runs are good too, decent profit and some farming XP. Also slayer is a really good way to make money these days. Some tasks are absolute crap, but many other tasks have been reworked so they give some decent money.
  5. [bleep] off m8 was a [bleep]ing worldie though. I just hope they go on and win it at this point
  6. RS07 has a higher player count. However, they have a much bigger botting problem than RS3 does, so the numbers are a bit inflated. Obviously RS3 has bots too, but not nearly the same amount as RS07, since 07 is simply more profitable for the botters, I believe. The number on the mainsite is across all the games.
  7. First time I've Nexed in a month or 2, was nice to get that drop. My 8th total Virtus drop (3 books, 2 gloves, 2 wands and legs now), whereas I've only had 3 Pernix (1 if you don't count Zaryte bows) and 1 Torva. Alsoooooo my 3rd ever boss pet on this account :DDD Was on the 69th kill too, topkek and all that.
  8. Weeeeee, boss pet #3 (4th if you count Kril on Alt). Was on my 69th kill, too.
  9. 8th Virtus drop, only 3 Pernix (1 if you don't count Zaryte as Pernix) and 1 Torva lol
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