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  1. I'll go ahead and skip them. Thanks for the responses.
  2. So I haven't played in about 3 and a half years. I'm kind of messing around and slaying for clues and what not. I got Acheron Mammoths as a task and I have tried to do the task and have died already. I seem to get 1 kill with a full inventory of food. I don't really have much to spend but I've bought basic gear like bandos and ahrims. I have a bit of overloads left, 95 prayer, and chaotics. I know drygore weapons are the thing to use right now but I'm nowhere near being able to afford them. I am still getting used to EoC and it's kind of annoying to me. I have seen a few videos on techniques on how to kill them and they include gear and potions I have never heard of. Am I just too weak or is there a real method to kill these things? The videos also suggest using something called devotion/debilitate but I can't find that anywhere. So... my question is if there is any chance of me being able to kill these things or no?
  3. wow at D bow. Who mad at my old pic. So many brews cus I was new to 2 spawnning.
  4. Went to da trying to stake my bank and quit. I won around 150m. Gave Hedge 60m for turm, Kota a spectral for ovls, and 20m to squig for being the best friend ever. Starting to get boring.
  5. Mole was like 1.3m/hr for me when I was uising ovls/exts/turm with claws, spec restores, steel titan and cannon. Cost of supplies was subtracted out.
  6. How do you get ugune seeds from their? I've spent nearly 6k points and only gotten blossom seeds. I tried the option for buying fruit, the seeds, and a mix. Not 1 ugune seed or any other type of seed besides blossoms.
  7. Friend was saying that win all day or w/e his name was hosting a drop party on world 2. lol.
  8. #8 Gwasha's a noob and doesn't know how to kill tds using 2 spawns. #9 Was testing out hand cannon+ maul there. I keep getting close to 41 kill/hr with 3 different combinations of weapons. (Karil Bow+ Maul, Hand Cannon+ Maul, and Ccbow+ CLS)
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