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    I record runescape videos on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCaKARcKlmtQ2TBvrUr66Pw

    I am a bit of a fitness nut, I lift, bro.

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  1. Grimpy Bunyip used to do a lot of cool things on this forum and one of those was making a DPS spreadsheet you could enter different variables into for your attack bonus and the enemies defense bonus and figure out the DPS. I remember it being super handy but I can no longer find it and Grimy appears to be very inactive now days. It was written pre-eoc and I want it for OSRS as the formulas should be the same. Anyone know where I can find it?
  2. Yeah I can see myself buying a few armour sets to try it out sometime soon but I'd have to look up stuff first as I really have not touched RS3 since EOC and I just know my typical set up is gonna be hilariously underpowered or something :P
  3. As I mention in the video, there are tons of time savers we can add, and I do intend on improving this time substantially. Sub 50 minutes is goal for next attempt. Medium term goal of 45 minutes once familiar with the range to melee combos and such. It sets a decent time to try and smash on future attempts, which is what I was going for. :)
  4. I would absolutely recommend this type of dharok staking to everyone. It's basically all the fun of PvP but you avoid raggers, don't have to rebuy stuff like B gloves or repair your armour, and you can get extremely fast rematches. In fact. If there is anyone that would like to stake me like this, just add me in game, and I'll for sure duel you when I have the time. I'll do any stake between 200k-1m (Fights go seriously fast. Don't underestimate how fast 1m stakes add up.) We'll do inventory checks for the first fight or so to make sure nobody is doing something scummy ;) I'll be online tomorrow.
  5. 70 Cooking and 48 Agility for Awowogei. Having high agility will make underground pass a lot less painful.
  6. I will be making a LOT of these. I love OSRS pking so much. But does it have Paralyzer and down with the sickness I don't get the reference so here have this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RUB2D1QX28
  7. [spoiler=Spoilered as I have quite a potty mouth :o] I will be making a LOT of these. I love OSRS pking so much.
  8. I do remember that it would almost always hit above 0. Like, the minimum hit was around 7, as hitting 0 happened so rarely(Never?)
  9. I kinda forgot the specifics and can't find any information on it. IIRC: You had 1 damage roll based on your none special strength and then that damage was used in your attack with the following mechanics: Say you rolled a 40. You had 4 seperate accuracy rolls. If the first hit you'd do the 40-20-10-10 If the 2nd hit you'd do 0-40-20-20 if the 3rd hit you'd do 0-0-40-40 if the 4th hit you'd do 0-0-0-60 Is that correct? I think I may have got the 3rd and 4th ones wrong, maybe it was 0-0-40-20 and 0-0-0-40?
  10. It's genuinely upsetting to see that guy get merched so hard because he didn't have the common sense to advertise the drop a little before selling to the first person he saw.
  11. I melee'd jad for the first time! Livestreamed it! [spoiler=I was quite nervous/excited so cursed quite a bit :x]http://www.twitch.tv/mrfroggerrs/c/4650503
  12. Hmmm. Are you serious? In Old School Runescape? I just tried it and I don't have the option by default.
  13. I really couldn't cut this under 60 seconds. Too much information to give! Hopefully 75 seconds will be short and to the point enough :c
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