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  1. I found a solution! I came across a website that adviced this: I downloaded the client. I right-clicked, selected properties. In the tab "compatibility" I changed it from Windows 8 to Windows 7 as admin. ( Windows 7 is what I had on my laptop before I upgraded to 10) The game works again!
  2. Hi y´all, Since last week RS doesn´t work properly anymore. I hadn't played for 5 weeks or so. When I started playing RS again in december I remember I had similar problems. I then followed the steps on the RS troubleshoot Wiki and afterwards it worked fine for two months. This time however it doesn't help. The problem: RS gets stuck on the title screen where I type in my username and password. This happens in the game client as well as in Firefox or Explorer. Every 20 seconds it freezes for about 20 seconds or so. When it does manage to log in it gets stuck again on a black screen. I've tried: - Reinstalling Java - Clearing browser cache - Deleting preferences.dat - Changing RS video settings to minimal - Downloading Client/ trying in different browsers - Updating Graphics - Restarting Computer after these steps. My laptop: Windows 10 Home 64 bits Intel Core® Core i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz RAM: 6,00GB NVIDIA GeForce Experience Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance! Vamp
  3. Thanks for the advice, guys! I´ll look into it.
  4. Hi y'all, I'm looking for a good way to make money. I became a member on the first of january this year. After a lot of levelling and a lot of quests I now want to find a good method to make money. Videos I found on youtube describe methods that require pretty high lvls. What would be a good method for me? It can be either AFK or regular. I've posted my current stats below. Thanks in advance! Vampaneze screen capture freeware
  5. Thanks! Yes, I accidentally tried to walk to Prifddinas instead of to the camp. When I talked to Lord Iorwerth the quest continued. Somehow it skipped the whole Idris, Morvran and Essylt bit. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi all, When I came out of the Underground Pass Idris started talking to me. After one sentence however, the conversation ended en he just stood there.Morvran and Essylt didn´t show up. When I tried to talk to idris it said: "Nothing interesting happened." I moved on a bit further into the forest but I couldn't pass the guards guarding the path to the camp. When I went back to the exit of the Underground Pass Idris was gone. Morvran and Essylt are nowhere to be found. I still can't pass the guards, the tracker won't help me and it seems like I'm stuck. I've already tried doing another quest and coming back, I've tried hopping worlds but to no avail. Any advice? Thanks in advance! Vampaneze
  7. Hi Arceus, Thanks for your reply! I'm F2P. Do I have to be a member in order to trade a bond in-game for gp? I read about bonds and how one bond, which costs €5,09 (for me) can be sold for 13.7M (current GE price). I bought one because I want to sell it in-game. I can see that I have one tradeable bond now in the upgrades&extras screen, but I can't find it in my bank. There's supposed to be a button next to the empty moneypouch button, but it's not there. Do you know what's up? Thanks, Vamp
  8. That is a marionette I got for some event some years a go. Maybe you can get it from Django?
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding f2p-moneymaking. I've posted my stats below. My current goal in RS is to get higher stats and earn a bunch of money to buy cool stuff and get higher stats. I'm thinking of becoming p2p in a couple of months or so. I've been mining iron which I then sell on the GE. I make 300K/hour this way. I have 1 mill. at the moment and want to make another 2 mill next week. On what skill should I spend my money in order to be able to earn more gp/hour? I've read about grabbing wine of zamorak and anti-dragon shields but I'm not really up for that. I find it sort of dissapointing to find that training my skills doesn't seem to lead to be able to earn more gp. Or is that not true? On an unrelated note, about Runescape etiquette: when I log in at my mine-spot and someone with a lower mining lvl than mine is already there, is it common courtesy for me to hop worlds until I find an empty mine-spot or is it just tough luck for the lower lvl miner? Thanks in advance! Vampaneze
  10. Thanks! I was able to free up about 25 spaces.
  11. Hi everyone, I just started playing RS again after a long time. I want to make some more room in my bank and thought about maybe ditching some items. Below I've posted a picture of a bunch of items in my bank. (Disregarding the mithril maces at the top left), Are any of these worth anything? Are they at all tradeable? And could I get them back if I threw them away? Thanks for helping me out. Vampaneze
  12. Hi all, I don't know if this is the right place for this. I haven't played RuneScape for over 6 years. I'd like to get back in there, but it seems that a lot has changed. I had to pick a new username, there are some new quests, everything looks different. Could you maybe give me some tips on where to start? I'm F2P and I'd like to stay that. I used to catch and cook lobsters and sell them for GP. Is that still a thing? Is Rune armor still the best for F2P? I've pasted my stats below. Thanks for helping a brother out. Vampaneze
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