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  1. Big love guys! I remember this time very well. Hope you're all doing well 13 years later 💚
  2. Hey guy! 2 years late but Ive been gone for 12 years. Just logged back into my tip it. Private message me if you evrr see this!
  3. Not been on active on RS for over 12 years and randomly logged in today . Dont think anyone I knew will see this but had an amazin time on the way to max total with you guys! Big love.

  4. ^ Wow, haven't seen Hazezors name for a long time, and SnC's.
  5. [qfc]16-17-497-65365682[/qfc] Wtf has happened to RS, it's unreal these days lol
  6. Course ya would. We used to get our potential or whatever it was to 100% and kill each other for PVP loot. Dem free brawlers doe.
  7. Fletched at least 100m xp of broad arrows with him in pvp worlds wildy years ago, 2008ish. I can remember he came out of nowhere n hit rank 1 for awhile.
  8. Never thought I'd see the day, congrats in advance!
  9. RIP old legend. Happy Birthday.

  10. Happy birthday ya old pervert!

  11. Wow there's some names I haven't seen in years. Divine, Svulle & Monkey
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