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  1. ^ Wow, haven't seen Hazezors name for a long time, and SnC's.
  2. [qfc]16-17-497-65365682[/qfc] Wtf has happened to RS, it's unreal these days lol
  3. Course ya would. We used to get our potential or whatever it was to 100% and kill each other for PVP loot. Dem free brawlers doe.
  4. Fletched at least 100m xp of broad arrows with him in pvp worlds wildy years ago, 2008ish. I can remember he came out of nowhere n hit rank 1 for awhile.
  5. Never thought I'd see the day, congrats in advance!
  6. RIP old legend. Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy birthday ya old pervert!

  8. Wow there's some names I haven't seen in years. Divine, Svulle & Monkey
  9. 2376 total achieved - May 2009 *** RETIRED - DEC 2009

  10. Can't believe people are beyond 3b xp these days, even harder to believe that this game isn't dead yet.
  11. Ello lover, MISS YOU MOAR <3

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