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    in front of my comp.. or am i?

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  1. This scrub.Who you callin scrub, scrub?Calling you a scrub, scrub. The only bigger scrub than you is SaruRipDo you wanna join the Scrub Club too Haseo?I've been a scrub since day one brah. YAY FOR SCRUBS!
  2. Want to race to 99 herblore again?

  3. Hey noob

    1. sa121


      Wat I just saw this now. BTW, #aod is back for the post part for OSRS. Come join us. And bring Max and Acenator

  4. Woohoo you're the first person to post on this in 5 years! I just may have to do that!
  5. Man no one posted on my blog in almost 5 years... I feel unloved :(
  6. Wow I never posted on your blog!? must've been too nooby! Here's some love! ~Bpk
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