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  1. okay Saru I'm somewhat playing again. At some point between me quitting in 2014 and the last blog update, I hit in the 1900s total level and was top 500, then quit. Now I'm back for quarantine time and just spent a good couple hours re-reading the TIF forums. It's super nostalgic and I do wish TIF was still alive. Feel free to add me on RS anyone who reads this, SpaLns !
  2. I've heard that the guy who bought for 1.1 already has an offer for 1.5 cash and an unconfirmed 1.9b cash offer... lol.
  3. I'm sure Zybez radio wasn't officially licensed either when it ran, and it ran for a long time.
  4. I'm 99.9% sure that isn't an OSRS feature. Also, nice work. My only recommendation would be adding some sort of drop rate statistic for worthwhile drops, but otherwise, short n' sweet.
  5. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  6. Bolts are kinda crazy expensive or hard to sell though, so I'm not sure bolts would be efficient realistically.
  7. I remember reading a thread on reddit about doing lavas to 91 - I think it's actually slightly less efficient than doing laws/astrals since the time you save compared to the money lost out on isn't worth it. This was a while ago though, prices may have impacted this a bit.
  8. They haven't really given any solid information, but they're keeping a 2 week trial indefinitely. So if you make a new account now, you can play for 2 weeks before it's locked up. However, you can make a new account after that, and so on an so on. I'm getting the feeling this is what Jagex's idea of permanent F2P will be....
  9. Funnily enough, it's just called a chimney climb. Climbers aren't that creative.
  10. What a beast. You're going to pass my total level soon enough.
  11. I want to say that it only decides if you hit a 0 or not - if the first hit is a 0, all are otherwise you can hit a 1 with the primary hit and your max off the other hits. I'm just going off memory from my chinning though, so I could be wrong.
  12. Ah nice, what area are you from? I just got back from Index, WA, followed up some trad lines because trad still scares me. Fun stuff. I started climbing in university as well down in Indiana, and now I'm back in Washington and working at a gym there. Too bad about the hours, hopefully you can get back to it.
  13. I know for a fact salve doesn't - no info on occult however. But salve(i) is useless, no reason to spend points on it.
  14. Necro'ing this thread since I was about to make the same one - Anyone else started up in the couple years since this was posted? I started about a year and a half ago, and I'm still mostly an indoor climber but I try to get outside when I can. Currently I'm kinda platued at a 5.11+-5.12- lead/TR level and V5/6 bouldering level - hoping to break that soon, but I'll have limited access to crags/gyms over the summer so I'll probably regress a bit.
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