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  1. Attack ranking at end of day: 623 XP Gained: 2080k Current XP: 108,071,000 I'm probably going to get to 150M at frost dragons then do the last 50m at airuts.
  2. Starting towards my new goal from today. Attack ranking at beginning of day: 671
  3. I should probably be updating with more pictures of actual loot tabs, I'll keep that in mind next time, for now: My TH keys after reset gave me the worst possible reward in my current situation: [Hide] Now I have to resist levelling agility as I can't afford such an expensive item whilst going for this goal, one thing is for certain, I know what's happening to my cash after I achieve 1B. [/Hide]
  4. In the 4 hours of QBD I managed to do today, I got 5 draconic visages, I only thought to take a screenshot when I got two of them back-to-back:
  5. I've been quite lax with regards to working towards goal for the last few days, had quite a few commitments elsewhere, when I finally did come back to RuneScape today, instead of earning money I spent 24 straight hours doing this: So at least I gained something out of it... With regard to bank value: Things are progressing, albeit slowly.
  6. The username DIY was really available? Haha, nice one :) Not done too much today, a few hours of solo Bandos GWD New bank value: [621/1000m]
  7. Thanks you guys :) Not too much done today regarding money-making, mostly been chilling out in my new cape haha, will soon get to work again.
  8. Hey all, been a little while since I've made any decent progress, needed something to convince me to get playing. Over the last 42 hours I have ground out the final 5.6m attack I needed for a 120 cape, that's right: I did this pretty fast at frost dragons, here is the loot: and here is my bank value after selling it: It's a little lower than it would have been if I had simply used a yak as usual, however I wanted to get my new cape quickly so I just camped with notepaper, I'm loving this new look my character has :)
  9. Another day without playing much today, I have things to do with family bank value remains at the above.
  10. I am apparently too weak to keep a loot tab going, I got to 500 QBD kills and decided to sell up, here is the overall cash earnt from the kills: Here is my current bank value: Halfway towards my current goal, won't be playing any more today as I have an Age of Empires 2 tournament to play in.
  11. It's time for me to sleep, at 450 qbd kills so far, here is the current loot tab: At roughly 5m per hour, and with this being 25 hours worth, I estimate this loot at about 125m ,combining that with a rough value of the rest of my bank, my current value is [480/1000m] going into the new month, meaning I have made 479m in the last 24 days.
  12. Currently at 414 killed, would post a picture of loot tab but Runescape just went offline
  13. I can't even sleep for dreams about the QBD, did one more hour but it's back to napping. 288 killed.
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