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  1. And this is why you don't trash talk until the fight's actually over ^^
  2. 2016 - A year where heroes died but legends live on. Na, nothing has changed from what you liked using, carry on my wayward Blaze
  3. So long in the waiting, and it looks like a clean sweep so far
  4. Tip.It.... It's been over half a year..... I haven't posted in a long time........ I better make this one meaningful, a true highlight of my return. [hide=Meaningful Return] lel nice one sally not bad for a scrublord [/hide]
  5. Dragonkng198

    Back home

    Welcome back lass! I hope everything gets better quickly <3:
  6. Finished a small goal of 300 Barrows chests on my ironman for the time being 15 unique items, 21 items total I also had at least 8.9m+ in runes, but I don't show them as they're not fully accurate with using death runes to Iban blast Barrows, as well as using some chaos on slayer Not pictured is 3 d meds and a shit-ton of teeth keys, I've got 11 teeth to 1 loop banked :(
  7. 16/03/2008, I got 65 slayer for the first time, and it's my oldest saved screenshot Had a massive feeling of nostalgia today as I hit this It's a nostalgia feels for me <3:
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