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  1. So, handlettering (and drawing and calligraphy) is one of my offline hobbies. And these last few months I've been busy creating a hand drawn birthday calendar - which is now finally finished! The hand made original is in possession of The Best Mom In The World (which obviously is my mom :) ) but you can download a copy here: http://www.ingridspersonal.nl/downloads/eeuwigdurendeverjaardagskalender.pdf Oh, and if you want to take a peek at my minecraft thingummywuts, go here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bra6r1v0soaw9vf/AAB1lUCDXn7amFFJUIClV-_Fa?dl=0
  2. One of the lots of other things I do besides scaping is handlettering (since fairly recently). Here's one of my thingummywuts:
  3. IamTardis


    One of the things I do when I'm reallifing, is crocheting. I like crocheting a lot (amongst other yarnbased crafts), and in between all the exercises and walking I have to do at the moment, I crocheted this tiny mochila bag. I liked the mochila technique and made a design of my own. Bought yarn too already. It will be a black oval bag on which pacman and the four ghosts are chasing each other for ever and ever and ever and ever... I doubted between pacman and space invaders for a moment, but pacman seemed a bit simpler. Maybe in the future I will have become so good at this mochila thing that I can try my hand at an rs related design? Who knows! (okay, maybe I should make myself a tardis rucksack first?). Love, Ingrid.
  4. IamTardis

    Back home

    Hi everyone! It has been some time since I last scaped. Well, that's because I was in hospital because of a hernia. The hernia completely paralyzed my left foot so I went to a nursing home afterwards to get my left foot back. I had no computer at my hands there, but with all the exercises I didn't really have much time to miss the thing. Although I did miss my fellow hyters *stares at Witchy, Draggle, Sally, Draz and the others* Anyway, I am well on my way back to health, but still don't feel a lot like scaping. I've been crocheting and shuttle tatting instead. That, and doing my exercises of course. I have to take a short walk at least every hour, and a long walk at least once every day. Usually I use the long walk to get my groceries. I use a cane for the short ones and am training at the moment to be able to do the short walk without any aid whatsoever. And I use a wanderer (is that the correct translation?) for the long walks. I could use a cane, but that wandererthing has a neat little basket on it, a perfect place for my groceries. My endgoal is to be able to do everything without any walking aid whatsoever. Once I reach that goal, I can start thinking about re-learning to dance. Maybe I can start dancing even sooner. It would be a good training. Downside of all that training and walking and execising my left foot/ankle is that my life has turned into a muscle ache hell. But it will be well worth it! Hugs for everyone and I'll try to remember to drop by once a while in hyt chat, Love, Queenie.
  5. *is left completely baffled by this recipe*
  6. So how is everybody's invention doing? Or are you - like me - waiting for the hype to die down a bit before plunging in to this new skill? Meanwhile, aside from some reallifing, I feel myself being lured into minecraft a bit again. I'm working in creative on a marble&glass castle in the air! More pics are at my picasa: https://picasaweb.google.com/111057455050922171206/ScreenshotsMinecraft and I have a page at my own website where I can dump the downloadlinks for the maps I'm working on and in, so if you want to take a peek yourself, go right ahead! : http://www.rubenseschone.nl/minecraft.html Obviously, when I finish that castle the next challenge is to build something like it in survival mode. It'll be a while before I am done with that castle though, as I keep getting ideas while working on it.
  7. Edit Jan-5: we have learned that sheep and ice do not go together well. It's funny to watch though: http://www.rtvnoord.nl/nieuws/158102/Schapen-glijden-zichzelf-richting-ijzelvrije-stal So this morning my world was covered in glazed frost. And people are actually ice skating in the streets. Fun to watch some vids: http://www.rtvnoord.nl/nieuws/158028/Groningse-straten-veranderen-in-ijsbanen More videos are coming online. This is the normal for today. Skating in the streets. If only I could skate...
  8. Still working on irl crafting expee I graduated from thick yarn for crocheting handbags to thin and delicate snowflakes for in the christmas tree! I have enough for my family and close friends now, and I am really enjoying crocheting this, even though I am starting to run out of friend to crochet snowflakes for :D
  9. Autumn is beautiful, even in a random parking lot (and yes, you yankees may read autumn as fall if you prefer).
  10. I think I am slowly getting to the higher crochet irl levels, as I started my first mochila bag. This mochila crocheting is fun to do and may prove to be quite addictive...
  11. IamTardis


    IRL pengy hunting at the zoo yesterday:
  12. Runescape may be a big part of my life, but it sure isn't the only one. After work, scaping and household chores are done, I found myself busy getting some irl crafting and crochet expee. I think my crochet level is at least 2 now :)
  13. Someone threw this in my facebook timeline. Some dutch words translates to english as literally as possible gives lollable results:
  14. One of my favourites in my rssreader is the earthporm feed. This morning, it served me a blogpost which I thought I should post here for Witchy: http://www.earthporm.com/castles-in-wales/ I think I like Bodelwyddan Castle best, but the picture of Conwy Castle makes it look like it is Camelot and I like that too.
  15. So, in the spring, summer and fall i usually take a short walk in the early morning. And when the birds start singing again, it's very nice to hear. https://soundcloud.com/janseni2002/vogelgefluit-op-de-vroege-zondagochtend
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