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  1. Got Dirt Rally 2.0 from the Humble Choice. I freaking love it. Can really feel the differences in surface, tires, cars, so on. And it is not very beginner-friendly.
  2. Estonian dude


    My mum never made it to that stadium... Died before. Been an interesting January. For one, I have been sober this whole year so far. And that includes a Bachelor's party. I was the designated driver for our minibus, so wasn't that awkward really, when I also mentioned that I am on medications.
  3. Oh it happened a lot. During basic and primary school whenever there was a fight in the class I was a party. I was pretty emotional and sensitive at the time. Last time was probs year 6 when in crafts lesson I got into a fight over a pencil. I was the only one who didn't fail the test that particular class.
  4. Estonian dude


    What holidays? Mine already took place on 20th/21st. That's what happens when you work shifts and have medical proffessionals as most of your working age relatives.
  5. Estonian dude


    Got me a new gaming laptop. Been catching up on my backlog on any available moment. Got the Lenovo Legion Y540 15-inch model, it's pretty nice. With the GTX1660ti, so can play pretty much all games near maxed at 1080p. And I've been playing CK2, Thronebreaker and Spec Ops: The Line on it... Yikes.
  6. I remember when I first started in this thread, about a decade ago, I was terrible. Absolutely hopeless. I was terrified of dancing and touching and hell, girls in general. Nowadays I spend quite a substantial amount of my free time on dancing, both as a practice and as for fun at clubs n stuff. And I have next to no issues with touching. Currently I am doing way better than I ever expected. I not the most confident one, but faking till you make it has worked. Age and experience have gotten me to the point where I have girl (or multiple) who is head over heels to me. And I have choice. Even more than choice actually, I can be picky. And my mental health is messing me up and my medications have made me lose my urges and a lot more insensitive.
  7. Estonian dude


    Had my first official dance performance. We had to perform for a sold out crowd at one of the most prestigious venues of the country. Even I, a guy familiar with stages had my nerves give up a bit and thus I went a bit too quick at times and lost the rhythm. But in general, it went pretty fine, I think. The afterparty went also mighty fine. Got a hangover next morning though. As the performance was the event I have waited for months for, I am feeling now kinda... empty. Exhausted. Depressurized. Tired.
  8. What are actual posts? Like, when someone has written something? Also, needs more doggos!
  9. Estonian dude


    Been in a dance camp the past weekend. Quite dead, not sure there's a muscle in my body that doesn't hurt. But man, I am gonna perform on a sold out show next weekend! Love this thing.
  10. You do realize I come from the cold North where there are no wild big cats and we have the issue that due to urbanisation and population loss we are having too many wild animals around causing all sorts of trouble? We find all sorts of new foreign animals moving in, actually increasing our biodiversity due to global warming.
  11. Estonian dude


    It would probably be in Italian...
  12. Estonian dude


    Folk dance is what I meant. Twisted my ankle at the practice, so been out of service for a week now...
  13. Estonian dude


    Second dance practice. And oh my bloody god, all places hurt. In a good way.
  14. Like PLANET EARTH! Getting some warmth in here would be pretty nice. We're already having freezing temperatures around.
  15. I don't play a single instrument... Never even been to a folk festival. Managed to invite her over. Aaand we didn't get further from my kitchen. In a bad way. Could barely touch her and she wasn't really receptive, when I tried...
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