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  1. Pepsiguy


    Today I came back to check this place out I love you all, many Kisses 😘
  2. Pepsiguy


    I know but it's a thursday and I have work tomorrow. My brother in law wanted to go to a strip club next weekend so I'm just waiting for that ;) For now I'll enjoy a fat steak and potatoes, drink some, enjoy the time with my sister and him and go back to playing WoW LOL.
  3. Pepsiguy


    Nah it's like a robot trying to express emotions. It's a very hard thing for me to do, Gouda starts spilling out my vents and whatnot. I totally forgot to include you in it oh my god, it was the whole reason I get on every once in a blue moon
  4. Pepsiguy


    Today I'm turning 21!!! I've been on this forum for 7 years now but only active for the first 4 years. Totally random that I come back here but I wanted to make a post and show appreciation to anyone that remembers me. I was mainly on /FG/ (and on mainly The Last Post Wins thread(RIP) This forum really helped me to get through my teenage years, I never really had any family members or friends that I could really be personal with because I never wanted to. With the forum it gave me an outlet I needed at times and the people here were supportive. I didn't really think I was gunna get far in life but having varying people from the forum to look up really helped my mental and solidify me making sure I was gunna keep going. I totally suck at being sentimental but I'm glad that tip.it is around and I hope everyone that uses the forum will have good fortune and great prosperity. Just by going off this page I remember Hedgehog, Obfuscator, RpgGamer, Estonian dude, Randox. WORDS CAN BARELY DESCRIBE HOW AWESOME THIS FORUM IS AAAAAAAAH I feel so corny right now but whatever
  5. Pepsiguy


    He didn't play Runescape for that long so we kinda drifted from game to game while also drifting slowly apart. Then he went overseas and I haven't really talked to him, maybe like 3 times in the past 3 months. Still think he is over there but I'm not too sure. But yeah I AM SOMEWHAT OF AN ADULT NOW. Starting college in January so that is why I am moving. Also it blows my mind I've been here for 4 years, well like 2 1/2 counting not getting on here. Also also also also have you talked to Halo? I haven't talked since I think the last time I popped in here.
  6. Looks like somebody is in a funk.
  7. Pepsiguy


    Heeeyyyy What's up Pepsi? Haven't seen you in ages. Yeah it's been almost a year. Moved out on my own, didn't have a computer, finally saved up for one, totally forgot about Runescape and tip.it. Started playing Runescape again, remembered tip.it and now I am about to move tomorrow. Also it's snow pretty heavy these past few days so that is why I haven't been able to move earlier.
  8. Pepsiguy


    Today I came back to this thread/forum to say hi to everyone. Hello everybody.
  9. Pepsiguy

    No "e"

    You guys suck for not posting in TLCW.
  10. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I know I haven't woo'd in a long time but with playing runescape again I get on tip.it more often and I can still read ya blogs.
  11. JUST ME, MY WEIRD FACE, AND MY CAT. The next post will also be a selfie because YOLO.
  12. I just took this one. And who wouldn't love this one? TNPW also post a selfie. BONUS POINTS IF PHOTOSHOPPED.
  13. A bum gave me 20 bucks because he thought I needed it, so I got that going for me. (I'm only posting because of this) What are you doing on this forum you butt why are you here and why did I not know pepsi I miss you! Well, I had a craving for runescape, and I always have to check Dax's blog at some point. Thought I would also stop by and see what errybody was doing. AND GUESS WHO IS PLAYING RS WITH ME. SEAN IS. TNPW post their perfect sunday.
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