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  1. Only teleport on the slayer ring is to Sumona - its not a teleport to your current slayer master feature.
  2. Good suggestion for people who band together to get the most use from portable skilling stations
  3. Yeah, Jagex hinted at it on the 31st in a newspost directly, maybe more in Tweets/Reddit/other social media I don't follow too: This is why it pays to make sure to read the news posts carefully! :wall:
  4. Anybody buying items to alch would probably look to buy d'hide shields and / or battlestaffs - you can usually make over 1k profit per alch and that's taking into account the cost of the nature rune. Dragon bracelets are another popular item that crafters sell to alchers.
  5. Looking at the GE charts appears some people were aware this was going to happen before the announcement... A quick look seems to indicate that all the usual items started shooting up in price towards the end of July
  6. If your just looking at hard gp rather than taking things like opportunity cost into consideration - you can repair drygores for free. You just need to go kill kalphites in the exiled kalphite hive, apart from the workers, collect the damaged chitin that is a 100% drop and use these to repair your drygore items. You get between 21 to 40 chitin scraps per piece of damaged chitin, depending on your smithing level. To repair a mainhand drygore item from 0% charge will take you 10,000 scraps and the offhand will take you 5,000. With most slayer tasks, unless you leave all your drops on the floor, you should make more than enough to pay for repair costs on your drygore items. If you repair them as soon as you complete a task you will not notice the cost. If you have to have non degrading items than Korasi's sword, Enhanced Excalibur and Darklight (especially with the buff you can buy after completing Dimensions of Disaster) should be given room in your bank
  7. You can also consider using a tree-shaking scrimshaw when you get to lvl 80 wc
  8. If you have the Mask of Gloom (Darkbeast Mask) you could force the tasks over a number of days
  9. You don't currently have the mage lvl required to make air orbs, you need 66, but you can make a decent amount of money making fire orbs instead. Only thing is because you don't have the agility level to take the shortcut it will be a fair hike to the Fire Obelisk. You should probably start working on your slayer so you can gather charms to work on your summoning. You could also work on divination, as you do not need to spend any gp getting special equipment. At the very least you could make gp selling the energy but you can also make money and gain exp in other skills utilising divine locations, porters etc. Consider doing as many of the daily activities as you can - read this thread for lots of tips http://forum.tip.it/topic/254632-daily-activities/ Good luck and enjoy P2P.
  10. No its not because its not holding up a fence or a gate. Due to the financial crisis all you will find at the end of a rainbow is a cracked empty pot.
  11. What do you think anyone would miss about being a mod?
  12. The last 3 pieces of music I listened to: An oldie disco piece from when a synth filled the room and playing one was as much about knowing wiring and having an advanced degree in electronics as it was about being musical Realised yesterday that I had missed this one off a Sisters of Mercy play list I had made for the car And a group who I have only recently been introduced to Well I needed to clear my head after searching through all those KPop videos
  13. It sounds like Korean or Japanese Electro House / dance
  14. Went to see Enders Game - I thought it was very good and it seemed to be pretty faithful to the book, though it is a while since I read the series. Hopefully I don't give anything away by saying that is probably one of the darkest characters I have seen Harrison Ford play.
  15. We are also waiting on the back story for Melinda May / "The Cavalry" and why she agreed to join the team as a non combatant but seems to be in the thick of it every time. As for Skye - well she responded to that message after the 10 second timer on the untraceable hack ran out! Still not getting Ward - I just find Brett Dalton far too wooden in his acting and interactions with the other characters. Fitz and Simmons also don't seem to work that well as characters either - yes I get the fact they are geeky and interact with each other at a level way above the understanding of the viewer but they seem to have very little depth as characters that actual contribute to moving the story along, rather they seem to appear as comic light relief. Was nice to see Nick Fury there - but why will he allow them a bar in the plane but no fish-tank? The show has flashes every now and then of what it could be, unfortunately they mainly seem to be when the big name stars are on screen. I do hope they get these teething issues sorted out so the show gets the ratings it will require to continue.
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