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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. I applied and got into a few med schools two years ago. Applying early is the right way to go about it and makes a huge difference. Apply early and apply broadly too. For out of state schools that you have the grades for, apply to those that have the largest class sizes and accept the highest out of state percentages. Then once you get (hopefully) one acceptance, you can start worrying about which school fits with you the best.
  3. No, that's completely fair to say. You wouldn't want anyone thinking you're weird or anything.
  4. Happy birthday!!!!

  5. What do you mean? The combination of having at least two different font types (maybe more, I can't tell how many there are) with the varying font sizes makes it feel inconsistent/busy. Only to a small degree, but it feels off/not uniform to me. Maybe try sticking to just 3-4 variations of font size and one font character and see how it compares? The other thing I would change is under "Runescape" I would align the icons and text to the left rather than center them. The combination of the text below them being shifted left and the actual small icons not lining up with each other feels off.
  6. I'm going to go ahead and assume this has been brought up before. But in case it hasn't, I think we should try to implement a filter option. It is a button next to the user's name you click that loads only their posts in a given thread. This has many uses, in particular long threads where the OP continues to update throughout. This way you do not have to spend a lot of time scrolling through other people's posts to see everything written by one person. If I need to be any clearer on the execution of this idea, let me know.
  7. As long as you bring something different and are open to new ideas, you make a good community member in my book.
  8. No different from South Park eyes imo.
  9. I just watched this whole thing... Erm, not bad? What did you think?
  10. I made this video over the summer. Check it out:
  11. Which do you guys prefer?: or
  12. I enjoyed this topic until everyone started posting on it and it hit page 4.
  13. Really? Like I needed any more incentive. Goodbye because you seemed to go out of your way there... But as TIF is a community, I'm interested in hearing the community's opinion on these recent events. What are your thoughts? My thoughts as a member of this community are that there is a select group of players who are bored on the internet and trying to create forum-drama. They are directly attacking the methods of the administration here. The administration, trying to be as open as possible, is allowing for an open discussion on its moderation. This group of players, seeking out more forum-drama, continues directly attacking the staff. Certain staff members say certain things that taken out of context can be seen as a slip up out of proper administrative character. The forum-drama seekers use these quotes to add fuel to a fire that insists upon itself. So instead of pushing the staff with these artificially constructed arguments, just take a break and realize you're wasting your time debating an artificially constructed argument to begin with. Let it blow over, because this whole thing is pretty stupid. You guys have access to a fantastically ran site, and at this point the small minority complaining are just looking for things to complain/argue about.
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