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  1. 1. Neil Patrick Harris 2. Steve Jobs 3. Bill Gates 4. Warren Buffet 5. Thomas Jefferson /Thread
  2. Sorry, I'm studying python first so those are the kinds of books and tutorials I'm looking for. But here's one of the codes, written the same as the book, and it keeps getting a syntax error. # quadratic.py # A program that computes the real roots of a quadratic equation. # Illustrates use of the math library. # Note: this program crashes if the equation has no real roots import math # makes the math library available def main(): print("This program finds the real solutions to a quadratic") print() a,b,c=eval(input("Please enter the coefficients(a,b,c): ") discRoot=math.sqrt(b*b-4*a*c) root1=(-b+discRoot)/(2*a) root2=(-b-discRoot)/(2*a) print() print("The solutions are: ",root1,root2) main() The first discRoot there keeps giving me an error...
  3. Dell's monitors are terrible, Samsung and LG are the best ones. Personally I've got a 23in Samsung LED Backlight with 2 HDMI ports and a DVI port. It's a phenominal monitor, I play Xbox360 and use it as my main monitor and it's been phenominal!
  4. Hey guys, I'm a future computer science student but I need a bit of help. Can anyone recommend me any good step by step guides/books/textbooks that will help me learn it? My teacher this fall assigned us Python Programming: an introduction to computer science, but every time I type the examples into IDLE, they don't work. I've checked my syntax at least 15 times, entirely typing the script again and comparing side by side to no avail. It keeps saying there are errors when I have exactly what the author initially put down in the book. So any GOOD tutorials/books are greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. www.[Caution: Jagex Rule Violation] is now a rule violation?
  6. Scorcheddd

    AP Exams

    Look at how some classes will affect you at your future school before you fret over a bunch of classes. For example, my future school will only take one U.S. History/U.S. government credit, so having both of those is kind of irrelevant unless you're planning on history. Likewise, the English Language test (Most take Junior Year) counts and an English 101 test, while English Literature counts as a credit only if you're planning on going into English as a major. If you're going to retake US History then don't go for AP Government unless your vying for a top position like valedictorian of your class. That test changes A LOT each year. I took it my junior year and got a 2, senior year and got a 4. Also, the same thing that was said about calculus above also works for economics, although instead of Micro, I'd suggest macro as many higher level Econ books start with that to help with a foundation (and it's supposedly easier to grasp as a whole.) Ultimately it comes down to which type of school you want to go to. If you think that you're at Ivy level, then by all means, take every AP and etc that you possibly can. If you're not though (and most of us aren't) then don't fret about going into the lower classes as a GPA booster. Look at how each will affect you.
  7. I've been watching a lot of Glee lately, and I have to say that Matthew Morrison (The teacher) has a sense of style in the show and real life I'd really like to try and bring a bit of to myself. I really like how his vests are to be honest, anyone know where I can find some good ones?
  8. I tuck the button downs, not the tee's I'll look into some of that, thanks Omar!
  9. What are some good ways to stand out from other guys? My typical wear has turned into flat front khahis/jeans, and a nice shirt (button up or plainly colored), and alternating between various loafers/brown shoes and a few watches. What's a way I can mix it up a bit?
  10. One of my good friends are going there next year! Congrats, it's a huge achievement. (Just to be clear, the one in Annapolis right?) Aye, Annapolis (and thank you). Has he been given one of the, I forgot the name, but basically an assurance of admission due to grades? I'm figuring on one of those, judging by a fellow I know. I just wish the sailor outfits weren't so... Yeah. Eh, just a couple years, then I'll be in MARPATs or a flight suit. Sorry, being irrelevant. Yeah, she was. She loves the place too, even though she's been there for one week. She got the assurance of admission in ~November of this past year (our senior year). Although, she had minority leader McConnell's support and personal letter as her recommendation for the position.
  11. Scorcheddd


    I didn't get pissed when the guy ran through with rune on, i got pissed when the people who were wearing void/ahrims did. The biggest thing though, was a guy who was at the next spawn, kept running back to my spawn, messing with the monkeys I had, then going back to his. And then when his prayer ran out he just started barraging my spawn. THAT is what pissed me off.
  12. Scorcheddd


    First off, it's not difficult to get a spot chinning. Really. It's not. I promise you all, if you hop one to two times, you'll have a world. Secondly, its not DIFFICULT AT ALL TO USE A bleepING Gree Gree. Seriously, it'll save hassle for you and other chinners. Three times now, in less than an hour, I've had to wrangle all of the monkeys back because some ass's can't use a gree gree. Third, when you're out of supplies. TELE OUT. Don't go to someone elses spot and start maging their monkeys because you're out of prayer. I'm only going to think you're an obnoxious [puncture], along with 99% of the RS "Community." Yes, Noob, I'm talking about you if you read these boards. It really isn't difficult at all. These things aren't difficult at all. Literally none of them are. It's simple things like this that make me want to punch someone through my screen.
  13. One of my good friends are going there next year! Congrats, it's a huge achievement. (Just to be clear, the one in Annapolis right?)
  14. Dowe have to choose between abridged or unabridged?
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