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  1. What do you guys think of this one? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001488
  2. Santa market is becoming a comedy. So, they're rising again?
  3. Just as I bought a santa some days ago for 110m hoping to make some profit on my one month break :(
  4. Time to profit, they'll be back where they are right now in 2 weeks :)
  5. Then I must've been lucky yesterday, bought one at max shortly after putting in an offer Was quite soon after the GE update though
  6. So you all think Santas are going to keep rising?
  7. Ok guys, this is going to sound weird, but whatever. There's a girl I met on summer camp that actually goes to my school too. We're good friends, and I hope there will be more later, but we'll see. All I know right now is that we're getting along fine and I feel comfortable with her:) A while back we went to the movies, we saw Brüno, maybe a bad choice, because it's very.. ,well, gay... No problem though, we had a lot of laughs and we had great time. Yesterday she gave me a gift she told me a while ago she'd make. I'll try to describe what she made. Basically it's an A4 with a large brüno in the middle with the words (in pink) Brüno 'heart'. Anyway (not sure why I gave a complete description, but meh ) So yeah, she wanted me to put it in my agenda, which I did. Now I'm the proud owner of the probably most-gayest agenda on my school :D, which is cool, I don't really care lol :D But now she wants me to make her something too (which she can put in hers). But I have absolutely zero inspiration. Help? :(
  8. I have a question/challenge I have this camera It's a HP Photosmart M627 However, it's not 'webcam supportable' or whatever. The camera can film though, so I was wondering.. Is there someway I could set it up as a webcam? PS; It has no video out..
  9. I said it jokingly. They had just bought pizza for dinner as celebration, I didn't need/want anything more :lol: Oh, sorry then, but that's what the internet is for you. Gotta use [sarcasm] tags :mrgreen: Anyway, I could still use some advice on this question..
  10. You deserve that. You shouldn't be asking your parents to give you a present because you think you deserve it
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