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  1. As far as I can tell, a critical hit is 1.2x damage, since I was hitting 1250 with Unload non-critical, and 1500 critical. I Just tested 100 melee hits on a Magic training dummy that was stronger than me, with a critical hit chance of 9.6%. I got just 1 critical hit, so we know that a critical hit does not mean it's a guaranteed hit (which I had hoped it was).
  2. Some Abilities that do a percentage of weapon damage (Let's take Slice for example, 125%) apply the damage multiplier AFTER the initial base hit is calculated, though some Abilities do in fact deal a set amount (like Dismember). So the game calculates, for example, a 700 hit for that ability, then the 125% modifier from Slice is added after that. 700*1.25=875.
  3. That's because runite is tier 50 and royal xbow is tier 80, so you *should* be expecting a 1.6x increase in XP rates lol. I'm pretty convinced that dual wielding is a better choice than 2h for momentum on slayer tasks, since there's much less overkill loss to be had. Only issue might be transitioning from monster to monster. Critical hits are 50% more damage for autoattacks, but when they trigger on abilities they just hit the ability's maximum hit. Finally, I believe autoattacks from staves hit 2.25x as much as those cast from a wand, not 2x. You may be right on that 2.25x number actually, though it would be difficult to tell exactly because of differing spell damages. In fact, let's do some theory. A Chaotic maul is 1828 damage, speed Average, level 80. A Chaotic staff is speed Average, level 80. Both these weapons should have the same damage output while auto attacking. Fire surge is damage 768. Ice Barrage/Polypore strike is damage 786. 768*2.25 = 1728. 786*2.25 = 1768.5. Since those are the hardest-hitting spells, it can't be 2.25 exactly. Let's try and find the right multiplier. 768*2.38 = 1827.84. This seems about right. 786*2.326 = 1828.236. So the multiplier of a staff is somewhere between 2.326 and 2.38. I'm going to assume the spell with the higher damage is going to be most comparable however, so I'll assume for now that the multiplier is around 2.326. Sound about right?
  4. I thought the same applied to Melee and Ranged as well. With Melee, ability damage is calculated by weapon damage, which is different for all weapons, and is generally higher on 2h weapons.Ranged is the same, but also counts ammo damage. With Magic however, damage is calculated from spell damage, which is given a 2x multiplier with a staff but only for auto attacks. Spell damage remains unchanged when using abilities with any Magic weapon style, be it Dual wield, Staff or Wand/shield. This is why damage is the same for Wand and Staff.
  5. After reading this, I went to the training dummies in Lumbridge with a Chaotic staff and spammed Magic abilities with Fire surge on auto-cast (yes I had the runes to cast it) and didn't see any auto attacks, so I don't think this is true.
  6. That's a good point, but still, a critical hit is only 1.2x damage multiplier I think? I was hitting 1250 with each hit with Unload, 1500 critical, which is a 1.2x multiplier.
  7. I'm not really sure where to post this, but I guess I'll post it here. Anyway... There are now several different weapon types and stances for each combat style. Dual wielding, 2h, Main & shield... each of these are proposed to be somewhat balanced, with Dual wielding and 2h supposedly having the same damage output as each other. This is not the case. At least, when you want to use abilities. For all combat styles, most abilities (any ability that doesn't specify otherwise, really) only activate on the main hand weapon, and only use the main hand's damage and accuracy. For example, if you were to Dual wield a Chaotic longsword in your main hand and an Enhanced Excalibur in your offhand and use the ability 'Assault', the damage the ability does will be based off the Chaotic longsword in your main hand, and will ignore the offhand weapon entirely, essentially wasting it for the ability. This means that you would have done the same damage were you wielding a shield in the offhand, or if you had been wearing no offhand at all. The same concept applies for Ranged and Magic. Ranged damage is calculated by weapon damage + ammo damage, NOT taking into account the offhand unless you are using a Dual wield ability. Once again, when using one-handed abilities (Unload is the only Dual-wield ability for Ranged) while Dual wielding Ranged weapons - crossbows, for example - you will completely waste the offhand weapon. Again, wielding a shield or no offhand would have yielded the same damage output. Since abilities are based purely off weapon and ammo damage, if you intend to spam abilities then the higher damage the better, regardless of weapon speed, as the rate at which you can activate abilities is not affected by weapon speed. This makes the Royal crossbow (1927 damage with Royal bolts) the current hardest-hitting Ranged weapon in the game when using abilities. It also makes Dual wield Ranging all but useless unless you intend to use Momentum, which is another topic to cover altogether. Magic Staves are given a 2.3-2.4x spell damage multiplier when using auto attacks. The damage multiplier is NOT active on abilities. What does this mean? Well, it means that a wand + shield will do the exact same damage as a Chaotic staff, since once again casting speed does not matter when spamming abilities. However, bear in mind that wands are generally less accurate than staves, with the Virtus wand having 720 accuracy, and the Chaotic staff 800. In most situations though, the +80 accuracy is not going to outweigh the benefit of using a shield. Further, the same concept as with Dual wielding Ranged and Melee applies also with Magic. Using a book to boost casting damage is near pointless as the book will not be used at all if abilities are the only thing you use. However, since the casting speed is so fast and humans are only so receptive, there may be a few auto attacks slipping between ability casting when dual wielding Magic. Regardless, even when using Momentum, a book + wand combo is unnecessary, as you will have the same damage output as a staff with far fewer rune costs. Melee is the only combat style in which there are Dual wield and 2h-specific abilities that often outclass the single-hand abilities. For Melee, it may not be entirely false to say that Dual wielding and 2h builds share a similar damage output even when using abilities, and a sword + shield combo will not yield the same damage output as the other two stances. So what does this all mean? Well, to sum it up: For Ranged, only weapon damage on the main hand matters when using most abilities; Bows and 2h Crossbows therefore are most effective as they give the most damage. A Crossbow + shield build will yield the same damage output as Dual wielding crossbows when using abilities, due to abilities only taking into account main hand damage. For Magic, Staves and Wands give the same damage output (accuracy aside) when using abilities, so it may be a better idea to use a wand + shield setup over a staff setup in most cases. Also, when using Momentum, Staves deal the same damage output as a Wand + Book combo for a dramatically reduced cost. For Melee, Dual wield and 2h builds are fairly similar, and depends entirely on the situation, though 2h weapons WILL deal more damage per-ability when using single-hand abilities. Shield setups aren't terrible, but not as similar to Dual wield setups as the other combat styles. EDIT: I thought I may as well share some of my Action bars: http://imgur.com/a/ofBat
  8. It's almost winter in Australia now, and during cold nights my hands get really dry and literally crack and bleed, so I wear latex gloves to keep the moisture in and keep them from cracking. Dat pose.
  9. The chat hasn't always been quiet. A few years back there were upwards of 60-70, sometimes 80+ people frequenting the chat during all hours of the day. I have chat logs from almost 5 years back where there is never more than a couple of seconds of idle time between talking. I miss the #runescape chat. They were my oldest online friends. I'm still in there most of the time, but people rarely say anything now.
  10. Paid $30 for a haircut, then I decided I didn't like the style and cut it myself the very next day. Meh.
  11. Gonna go in for a first try.... Yak holds 20 brew flasks, 7 super restore flasks, yak pouch, unicorn pouch and scrolls.
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