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  1. Oh, whats the irc info? I kinda figured that channel went west as well considering the site seems to be down.
  2. Sorry this is off topic, but was doing my normal 8-12 month rs lurk where i try and see what TSA is up to and i find its gone. I realize i haven't played much in the past few years but for some reason this really hit me hard, it seemed to me that as sad as this sounds no matter how bad life got TSA was always there if i wanted to go back. So many late nights spent talking to you, taraka, lore, toilet, and all the others its disheartening to find thats gone. I realize now that the only realy reason i played runescape after a point was to bullshit with you guys and i have to thank you nightshade for making the clan in the first place, had a ton of fun and a ton of good memories. TSA is something oddly enough that i will remember for the rest of my life.
  3. Nice blog, ran into yea today at dark beasts. Best of luck with your goals.
  4. But i dont have 20M exp yet... Psi says i HAVE to get that much. :
  5. 10/10, getting a nice pile of charms started i see :thumbsup:
  6. But maybe he didn't get lucky and had to drag his [wagon] all the way upto 135M just so he could afford one? Maybe he slayed his way to his money and then you come along as a total asscrack. If I post a thread where I get level 50 woodcutting, would you honestly say "Congratz, soon 99". I doubt that since you can't even rate a good achievement without being a looser. And obviously, mining isn't more glamorous than a party hat. Sure it takes LOT of time, but then again who said that the party hat didn't come from his sweat and tears? Get over it and stop being jelaous. And let me take a guess... I bet all my money that you either got a 99 on cooking, firemaking or fletching. [developmentally delayed], don't talk about achievements. My god.....why do you even bother writing things like this if you're going to make numerous spelling and grammar errors. Basically voided anything you were trying to say. Mining isn't more 'glamorous' than a party hat? If someone actually took the long route for mining and mined say, iron or coal, they'd make WAY more than enough money to buy a red party hat. Hell, they could buy 2, if not 3. You dare call me jealous? Come on, kid. I've been playing this game since 2001. I've had party hats when they were free. I've had party hats when they were 20 mil. Back in the day, when blues were around 10 mil, I had a full set. 10 mil back then was A LOT more money then now. I don't even know how to compare it. Jealous? Yeah ok. I can think of an infinite amount of things I'd rather be jealous about. Good point! When all else fails insult there grammar! Sure way to make you look all the more like a jerk. And 99 mining with coal woulden't even get you 50M... 260k multiplied by 177 is just over 46M. Not to mention that would be horrible exp and money per hour.
  7. Honestly, if you want to get into details of how i got the cash it was over a year or so of random slaying/gwd/other stuff. I dont go out of my way to make money on runescape really so it just kind of came with time. A red phat was always kinda of a dream so to speak as i always felt it was out of my reach... but then again slayer was too... Wanna know the ironic thing? I got almost 5 times more posts on this then i did for my "rate this" for 99 slayer... I sometimes think people post in these just to look for a argument and thats why may good achievements get overlooked. I mean... why support the guy who busted his arse for something when you can argue that a strength cape is "nothing special". I agree that buying a phat is no where near getting 99 in slayer or runecrafting but a 4/10? Give me a break. Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate it. (to those who aren't casting me and my phat into the fires of hell)
  8. Wow... didn't expect this many replies to this thread lol... Thanks guys, and as far as i can tell atm everything below red is going down a bit. Though as i said im considering it a clean slate and acting as if i dont have it. Phats can only get rarer... moneys the most common thing on runescape. :thumbsup:
  9. Please dont start a flame war, hes right that it dont take any skill to buy a item of the ge and really i agree in that sense. This is just something i wanted for a long time, getting 99 slayer just provided the cash and i figured id get one while i could.
  10. Eh, i dont agree that its just a status symbol... i didn't buy it to look rich really i just always wanted one since rsc.
  11. Decided to take the plunge and get a phat while i could get one. :D
  12. Yea, i realize its not really a achivement in the typical sense... but anyways last night i came home from work and i heard there was a supposed crash in phats so i said to hell with my cash pile and threw a offer in the ge for a red... Far as i can tell the crash seems to be fairly weak and i got like 10 offers on the thing walking around world 2 so i think i may have lucked out and got one at the right time. Even if it dose crash... im keeping it, slayer cape and red phat has been my rs dream for years! Rate/Hate :thumbsup:
  13. Decided i really hate skilling and find it pointless. Guess its back to the slayer tower with me. :ohnoes: I plan to keep farming though as i oddly really enjoy that.
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