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  1. Happy birthday, Giga!

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Hey [bleep] you man, don't censor him!!! [bleep]ing commie...
  4. They are also 10 times cheaper, almost. Which is why he asked if there were 10x as many. Because they are 10x cheeper they would have to buy 10x as many. This was taken from Duke Freedom's Article on rare items from then Tipit Times Archive. The numbers are from 2006, but the same ratios should exist as not too many rares 'leave' the game. 500 party hats sets 2500 mask sets 15000 santa hats 200 crackers 200 half wines 1250 disks 2000 pumpkins 3500 easter eggs That is such a stupid estimate...no one should even pretend like they know how many of each item are in game. I know people with several hundred partyhats to themselves...
  5. A free 99 isn't a great reward. I already have all 99s and 13m xp is no incentive for me to complete the challenges. I really think they should go back and significantly increase the difficulty of the champions and significantly increase the rewards. If they do ever come out with 30 or so champions, there should be a huge reward for someone who completes it, other than the satisfaction of completing it. A unique weapon, armor, or a pet of some sort would be really cool, or just something that makes it worth doing at least.
  6. I thought old rsc members were supposed to get something -sadface-
  7. has a love-hate relationship with Runescape at the moment...also i <3 iris

  8. Hey guys, great to see some people are making good use of this guide. With the recent shop update, a lot of things have become much easier to buy. I really don't have time to play Runescape right now or update this guide for that matter, if anyone would like to take this guide over, add to it, and polish it, I would be more than willing to let you do it. Just send me a message here if you are willing to dedicate the time needed to make this guide epic :D
  9. Wow sounds awesome, more character customization is always nice.
  10. It's very easy to scare people into selling off their phats...they don't have to crash rumors of a crash are going to be what causes a crash.
  11. 400 days 14 hours which comes to 9614 hours.................................................... Holy [cabbage]...I've played that much? :???: :???: :???:
  12. Seriously? I've seen pictures of super sets before, but I've never got potions from any clue and I've done hundreds. :unsure:
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