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  1. MuffinMaddy


    Hope everyone's doing alright
  2. MuffinMaddy


    Happy New Year everyone! Nice to see us all living to fight another day. I go back to work next week but for Christmas, I solo travelled around Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein (the latter of which is one of only two double landlocked countries). By double landlocked it means the countries around that country are also landlocked. Good to see people doing well! As usual, it's my birthday next week and don't think I'm going to do anything as it's getting tiring trying to work out all the logistics of what to do and who to invite.
  3. MuffinMaddy


    So life is going surprisingly well. I just got back from Norway. I went to a conference about neurology and enjoyed it. I also graduated from my master's degree. Out of 2500 employees that work for my company, 70 nominees and 30 shortlisted candidates for an award... I won an award for the best analytical commentry on the global pharmaceutical market for PTSD. I was surprised to win, but it's cooling off my anxiety about not being good at my job because since redundancy last year, I've felt like I've been on a tight-rope but I'm clearly doing just fine so I hope I can gain some confidence because all this stress isn't worth it. Also I have started building on my emigration dream and it will take a lot of determination and financial discipline but I am ready to hopefully transfer to my company's Canadian office by the end of 2021. I just have always been in a better place mentally when abroad and I would like the blank slate... obviously I studied in Canada for a year and living there would definitely be different, but the horrible memories and history I have in the UK means I honestly don't think my long-term happiness really exists here. I'm just doing the best I can with what I have, and I don't think I would miss anything much either. A lot of my friends have left the country and it's time that I have my own adventure, too. I've been thinking about this decision for a long time but I need to take steps towards actually making it work. I owe it to myself.
  4. MuffinMaddy


    I'm glad you're acknowledging the importance of looking after your mental health and it looks like you've got a viable plan that works. Good luck, Veiva! On the topic of mental health I am sinking deeply into depression and might need to go back on medication for it. My aunt is gravely ill and my cousin who I basically grew up with is psychotic and aggressive which has been triggering for me. Steps forward in my life are always seemingly accompanied by constant emotional blows. I'm going to start solo travelling as much as possible again. Oslo in June, Hamburg and Copenhagen early August followed by Amsterdam at the end of August I think. Then I'm looking into doing a week in Finland and Sweden in September and I may do Christmas in Switzerland. The sooner I take a train, bus, flight, bike ride, the sooner I will feel better.
  5. MuffinMaddy


    So on easter sunday, I fell on a slippery nightclub floor and tore my lcl. I've been in a leg splint for over a week and today I had to have some scans at the "trauma and deformity" clinic. The name gave me a reason to laugh at least. I don't know if anyone watches sex education on netflix (I don't) but I hung out with the guy who plays Eric in it and it was so strange being stopped for autographs and photos constantly. Even weirder because I didn't know how big of a hit this show was - I still haven't gotten round to watching it but yeah the actor is super chill, funny and really lively too. Also heading to Berlin for a weekend soon so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated (I don't log in here often enough to check replies to my posts but if I do, then thanks in advance lol)
  6. MuffinMaddy


    Hey guys, what's good? I've been working a 9-6 job since July and I got my first pay rise.... of 9.5k which would normally take years to reach! I'm generally alright except my cousin has had a psychotic break and is accusing various people of things, hitting, biting, scratching and other aggressive behaviours. This has triggered me a bit so that's been a bit of a roller coaster, but otherwise it's good to have a routine and be earning some money. Hope to go travelling soon - I'm off to Berlin next month for a weekend and I hope it'll be good
  7. MuffinMaddy


    New job starts Tues Just got back from Italy 24 on Wednesday Happy New Year guys
  8. MuffinMaddy


    My thoughts are with you
  9. MuffinMaddy


    Today I was laid off from my job. A big company bought my organisation, fired half the team. They plan to fire the other half next year after they get the remaining staff to integrate our projects into their own portfolio.
  10. MuffinMaddy


    Speaking of vomit I'm actually very ill myself. Tonsilitis, conjunctivitis and I'm deaf in my left ear. My boyfriend also dumped me on Saturday but i'm fine with everything because we were only together a few months and he treated me very negatively so I feel quite liberated. Otherwise, I have a full time job now and I'm just working. I'm spending Christmas and New Year in Italy for a much needed holiday as I think 2018 has been really dull in general
  11. MuffinMaddy


    Haven't posted since June but I'm still knocking around. How is everyone?
  12. Bit of an unexpected tinder success story here. I moved to a new city at the end of July for a new job but I didn't have a house and I was very depressed. Got tinder out of boredom and for a distraction and got chatting to this guy who helped me with my house search and it turns out we have a lot in common and get along. We met for the first time two weeks ago and it was hella awkward until I asked him questions about his job and he was really animated. We went back to his house and slept with each other and it was alright but obviously the first time with someone new is never perfect. But I stayed over and even spoke to his mum and chilled with his cats. Then last week I stayed over for a night again and on Sunday we're having our third date. Genuinely never thought I'd actually like someone I'm sleeping with and especially not from tinder but yeah looking forward to seeing where this goes (if anywhere)
  13. MuffinMaddy


    Got my first job since graduating as a business intelligence analyst for a pharmaceutical research firm. It means I'm moving quite far from home, which I've done a few times before, even transatlantically. Just this time I'll actually be working in my first full-time job, which I got less than a year after graduation which is pretty decent. It's giving me all sorts of butterflies in my stomach. No long summers, no lie ins, the real adulthood starts now but it also means financial stability and the chance to save up for mental health counselling to help me sort myself out.
  14. MuffinMaddy


    Close to finishing my master's degree and the job hunt is on. These multi-stage applications are getting really arduous. I don't really have any idea where I want to live or what company I want to work for. I've had a pretty miserable academic year socially - but it was fixed when I met two people from this forum last week and we went on a road trip around south west England which was really fun. Great community this. |^_^|
  15. MuffinMaddy


    I don't even have a reddit account but I'd get one for this community loool. Can't get rid of me, losers. I've been feeling really unusually upbeat, I think I'm making a few friends now, and next week I'm visiting some friends at my undergrad uni and I'm like a child at christmas with excitement. Master's life is very different, I think I look forward to letting my hair down a little and having fun.
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