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  1. After 24 losing tickets (12 each week)... thanks, Treasure Hunter! feelsgoodman (Sorry, Gradeskip!)
  2. There's a lot of fun Farming glitches at the moment: [hide] [/hide]
  3. Uhhhh. Personal record for most yields from one patch o.O Juju + Legendary greenfinger aura.
  4. Heya :D For the Mort Myre coordinate clue at 05.37 N 31.15 E, the coordinate guide says: "Mort Myre Swamp, on the Nature Grotto island, just North of the tree. You must have started the Nature Spirit Quest to get into Mort Myre Swamp. If you bring food, bring druid pouch(es). Saradomin wizard will attack. Note: You cannot use familiars on the island, as it is a Summoning free zone." Whether it's a glitch or just an update, I'm not sure, but it looks like you can bring familiars with you now. :) Cheers, - Serpent Eye
  5. 26th birthday yesterday; went out to eat (pizza om nom nom) with my family and some friends. (I'm on the right in the white shirt.)
  6. Noticed it was missing from Item DB. :) Legendary greenfingers aura Examine: Prevents crops from disease, whilst active, and grants a chance to harvest more crops. Weight: 0.00 kg High/Low alchemy: N/A Tier 5 aura. Upgraded from Supreme greenfingers aura for 119,000 Loyalty Points. Provides a 15% chance of increased crop yields. Active for 20 minutes with 1 Hour cooldown. Edit: Forgot to check the combat stats, but seeing as the others don't provide any... :-D Cheers. :)
  7. Grats! Also, you should lock your door(s) so your neighbors can't just randomly barge into your house?????
  8. Same issues here. http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/runescape.com Edit: You can also try going to http://world##.runescape.com/game and just replace the ## with what world you want.
  9. Half a King by Joe Abercrombie. [hide][/hide] I think this is unofficially geared more towards a YA audience, so there is less (though still a lot!) violence/gore, sex/nudity, and gratuitous profanity than his other work, but I'm still really enjoying it. Sadly the book is a lot shorter than his other work, too, so it's almost done. :(
  10. Serpent Eye


    Today I retired as owner of HYT Friend Chat after several great years running it. Loved all the good times with old friends and new faces, but on to other adventures! \:D/
  11. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^

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