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  1. Inb4 200M thread for all RS... 3, OSRS, DS, FunOrb. :)
  2. Would've like to see a fix in the Great Orb Project.... a revamp in experience rates would have breathed some life into the game.
  3. sees_all1


    Other than think of the idea and write a disclosure (which was about the equivalent of a 2-3 page essay), I didn't put much work into it at all. Not to mention my company rightfully owns any intellectual property I thought of while I was employed there, and they paid me to work on it. They probably spent more than $100k alone paying fees and litigating the patent. Granted, as an individual I wouldn't pay that much but for me it was pretty much risk free money.
  4. sees_all1


    I'm not going to make any money other than a relatively small award because I don't own the patent.
  5. sees_all1


    I could link you to the granted patents, but the language is all legalese and very dry and boring. I gave you the executive summary because that's all I care to explain.
  6. sees_all1


    What is the patent for? Or is that a patented secret? Cause, you know. The thing is patented. I'll leave. 1st patent was a new thing to display in TV guides, granted in U.S. last year. 2nd patent was a twitter application on TV, and the way it pulls in tweets associated with programming, granted in U.S. last week. 3rd patent likely to be another aspect of twitter application, which granted in Japan this morning? Still have about 10 or 11 applications pending, all from work that I did and ideas I had from 2009-2012. The company that I worked for will take a disclosure (my idea), and try and break it into 1 or more patent applications. Then it'll file each application in each of 4 major governing bodies (U.S., Europe, Japan and China). So now I have 2 U.S. patents and 1 Japanese patent, on 2 different ideas but 3 different applications.
  7. sees_all1


    2nd patent granted last week. Super excited :)
  8. Voted for Emma.... but I don't think my vote will go too far.
  9. It's looking like religion was a factor, yes. "Mr. Hicks, appeared to have a deep dislike of all religion. On his Facebook page, nearly all of his posts expressed support for atheism, criticism of Christian conservatives or both. Last month, he posted a photo that said, 'Praying is pointless, useless, narcissistic, arrogant, and lazy; just like the imaginary god you pray to.'" http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/12/us/muslim-student-shootings-north-carolina.html?_r=0 Pretty senseless and horrific stuff. Wonder how much attention this will garner.
  10. sees_all1


    Taxes will make a conservative out of you yet. I paid quite a bit of federal taxes this year. It really bums me out.
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