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  1. I was gonna let Boris have it, but apparently not. RPG
  2. Tesset


    Hey Albel! Long time no see! Really good to see you're doing well! Sounds like things are settling in for you, that's awesome to hear 🙂 That's an impressive beard, I think you might have Dax beat your most impressive beard from the LOTPW crew, lol
  3. Tesset


    Yeah, I suppose TIF *is* my little pogchamp
  4. Tesset


    Happy Halloween birthday!
  5. Tesset


    August 22nd, 2020 And it's a little round red pill, not a skill 😛
  6. Tesset


    I would also graciously accept the moderator position in RPGs stead I'd even be willing to go rogue and ban RPG if you just wanted him out of the way
  7. Tesset


    Reading through an old post from 2017 where we were arguing about gender for the umpteenth time, and... Lmao, that "mostly" is doing a lot of work there, girl Lol, sure Jan
  8. Tesset


    Oh my god. [bleep] you, don't numerology at me 😠 My dad subbed to that shit so hard. Can't tell you how many times I was told I was going to be angry forever because my birthday digits added up to 4 or whatever the [bleep] else -.- I hate astrology too, but numerology actually manages to be worse
  9. Tesset


    Banana Knock knock
  10. Tesset


    I mean, brain, if that's what you're trying to tell me, then that one's on you babe. I've spent the past decade trying to get my brain to just relax, lmao, I don't want this anxiety disorder either
  11. Tesset


    God, I'm having stress dreams or nightmares basically every night at this point. I say nightmares, but it's hard to call them that when my dreamself's response to everything is so blazé. Like, last night the dream was that I was being forced by an alien race to participate in the genocide of humanity by handling the distillation of nuclear waste with my bare hands. But, my dreamself's reaction was just... "yeah, alright". They were kind of bored, tbh. Like, no moral quandry over killing everyone. No fear of being tortured by the aliens. Not even a little bit of panic when I spilled the distillation station, and I have panic attacks every time I knock over an empty bowl irl! It's just weird. Like, the dreams suck, but to describe them as nightmares when they're so banal feels wrong. I never wake up scared, just a little annoyed, and it almost feels like it would be better to actually be afraid of those dreams... Wish I knew what my psyche was trying to do here
  12. Tesset


    I keep trying to watch new shows or stuff during the quarantine, and having the same problem I always do where I get to the first piece of conflict and stop being able to watch the thing. It used to just be for certain kinds of conflict (mostly social friction from one person being tactless or awkward) that I couldn't deal with, but now it's like everything and idk what changed. It makes it very hard to stop being bored ;-;
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