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  1. Tesset


    I feel that. If I'm stuck at home, I wanna spend my time playing video games, not going to meetings
  2. Tesset


    To be clear, this is a joke about toxic masculinity, not a real statement about men, don't @ me
  3. Tesset


    Not to sound like a m*n, but y'all, I really wanna punch smth rn. Like, I was 1 step away from going back to Taekwondo before the pandemic hit, I had picked out a place, bought workout clothes, figured out how I was gonna manage stuff, and then we all had to go into social isolation? Sucks. I just wanna feel my legs kick again, feel myself move and be free. Like, my anxiety's pretty high right now, and I'm still managing it mostly, but I just really want some kind of a release for it, cuz there's not much I can do to use it productively.
  4. You die on the front lines of the revolution. It's okay, we go on to end capitalism, and the world is better for it.
  5. Putting your elbows on the table at a dinner with an authoritarian president.
  6. Playing minecraft earth. You fill in the gaps
  7. You get into one of those fights in martial arts movies where you're both standing on top of a series of thin poles and punching at each other while precariously balancing over a pit of spikes, but you mess up and fall in the pit.
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