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  1. On vacation, this is the hotel internet, i cant even have pandora playing without firefox crashing lol
  2. Orly? at my apt. according to my roommates, its pretty fast, and im like wtf? this is slow as balls, i really want them to take this at their houses
  3. Stilev

    Rate what i ate

    depends cherry? 5/10 smore 8/10 i dont eat poptarts often, but when i do, i love then lol last think i ate was dinner last night, had a pizza burger with chicken fryz
  4. Happy birthday!! :D

  5. i think Old Nite should be on that list, for many years it was zezmia and old nite 1, and 2 respectively
  6. Stilev


    the confused made me chuckle
  7. havent posted a pic here in years, heres a pic a me and my gf
  8. this for all my guy friends, for all my girl friends, i hope they grow a pair kuz they are annonying as anything with how much drama they make, and how many stupid decisions they all make
  9. Excuse me, I need to go find the nearest infant and pummel them repeatedly with my fist. >.< (It's ironic also because someday this will be me. [bleep].) To be fair, nobody learned about Budapest in the 3rd [bleep]ing grade. Everything in 3rd grade was extremely watered down American History, and by that I mean horribly biased and distorted stories of George Washington and the American Revolution and Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Mix in some Pilgrims and Indians in November and you've got yourself a 3rd grade history curriculum. i dont think i know anyone who would know that, that is such trivially knowledge...yes i know of Hungary, and i know the bulk of my nations, but why do i need to know the capital? if im forced to learn the capital of every European nation, every European should be forced to learn the capital of every USA state there about the same size...
  10. its really nice to know that my all my 220m i worked in this game to buy my red party hat back in 08' a month before i quit turned out to really be the right decision, i knew she'd rise in price
  11. new tires for car new black ski jacket (was a birthday gift) Scott s40 road bike (from girlfriend and her parents and uncles) fallout 3 3 months of xbox live (probably wont use until the summer kuz of college) 2 redskins tickets for my girlfriend and I from her aunt i didnt give much for as fortunate as i was this year -10$ each gift cards to my brothers/sis to boarders -my dad asked for scissors, lol i love you dad -and my mom asked for a CD -got my gf a redskin t-shirt my family knows im a broke college student
  12. probably just a bottle of dijon ketchup only thing i could could really use right now is some brand new ski's probably the K2 rictors then, rent money and gas money, in that order of course
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