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  1. Thanks! Managed to get 95 Hp today, just putting along working on max cmbs. Fingers crossed I can finish Attack up fairly quickly.
  2. Managed 93 attack, and 94. Slowly inching towards max combats, and finally imbued my slayer helm lol. I'm hoping to get a little more play time here soon. Also for real life news I got married, and then had my work truck broken into. So a fun month to say the least!
  3. Back playing again for the time being, life has been super hectic but I've gotten used to life and a schedule on it. Gives me some free down time to play, so I figured why not!
  4. What friendschat do people use nowadays for tif? Nobody on my fl plays anymore and I just feel so alone out here
  5. Congrats on the baby! We're expecting our 3rd and I can definitely relate lol.
  6. Nice. Im getting married too. All growed uppp and living in the real world. Got kids n a house man, wtf happened to me m8
  7. Woo 90 Attack, haven't done much else but I gotta say OSRS has brought me back a little.
  8. Literally the worst Also when does my Christmas present arrive?
  9. I was told there would be ladies here, saw mish posted and wasn't disappointed
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