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  1. 127 Hours, was interestingly good :thumbup:
  2. Some people say this is the most scariest song of all time, click at own risk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPrTUC7BDn4
  3. Waiting for something for ages, then finding out it's terrible.
  4. Thank you... These are nice :D If anyone else wants to make some feel free :)
  5. I would like a few images for me and my friends profile pictures on a website... We don't have any which relate to each others D: Size: 100 x 100 Colour of background: Black Colour of text: Gold List of what I would like them to say: 1. ParalleL xD 2. M u s ii X ParalleL xD 3. xGuiltySparkz ParalleL xD 4. Maaaaaaaaatt xD ParalleL xD 5. x dFuze ParalleL xD 6. K1ss My Pixel ParalleL xD 7. x iRiiDiNGs ParalleL xD 8. PM Aarun ParalleL xD Don't worry if you don't have the time to do it! We'll just be extremely thankful if someone had the time to help us :D Thank you.
  6. 10/10, I remember that I used to see you a lot on these forums. xD
  7. 8/10, Dante from Devil May Cry is a beast. :D
  8. Okay, thanks. :D We don't think that what anyone posted is right as some of them don't make sense :L it has to be popular random facts for these like: 200 P in a P G in M - 200 Pounds in a Passing Go in Monopoly 4 Q in a WO = 4 Quarters in a whole one I've tried Googling them, they don't work at all as it comes up with things which just include 8 or N or something similar. D:
  9. My little step brother goes to a primary school which had things like discos and non school uniforms and other events for money. The first person to complete a sheet with strange questions like this gets half of that money, the other half goes to school benefits, trying to win so we could get like £100-200. :L Thanks anyway. :D
  10. I would appreciate it if anyone could help what any of these stand for. Its for a bit of money for our family, we've filled in loads of them but have no idea what these stand for. :L Example: 7 D in a W. Answer: 7 Days in a Week. (update) 4 Q in a WO = 4 Quarters in a Whole One. 8 N of D I D 12 N in a T 19 N of the R S N B Thanks. :D
  11. Woah, I haven't been on forum.tip.it for ages. >< What are the scores? I'll update them
  12. Very sorry for late reply, not using this website much. It looks AMAZING thank you. :D
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