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  1. This was the best movie of the three. It still has its flaws, but at least it was enjoyable. It was a bit lighter (visualy), more hopefull, Bane was a better vilain than the others (I liked how he was much more physique than the others), and you had the idea that there was something at stake. The Cottilard role was a bit small, cat woman lacked sex and I didn't like the twist. Other than that I had a good time. 7.5/10
  2. Ben Goldberg Quartet - Asimor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHaWhObNhq0 I love this record.
  3. You got wrong information, that's more something for the Albanians.
  4. Me and my girlfriend, two times. You can replace this first picture with the second one on the picture register. Normal. We have so much fun together... thanks!
  5. I'd go for Blue Velvet, easily his best movie. Another movie worth watching, if you like that Lynch atmosphere, is "My son, my son, what have ye done?", it's Herzog's last movie (although 1,5 years old). It can't be a coincidence that Lynch was one of the executive producers of it. :)
  6. Romania beats them both though, and don't let me start about those Slovakian blockbusters.
  7. Kirby's Epic Yarn. Got out today, playing world 2 now. It's great, bit easy maybe.
  8. This has got to be one of the most obscure threads ever. It's like "which country produces the best action flicks, Bulgary or Hungary?"
  9. How2PK


    That's not my problem. I'm not makin' records. But if I would, I wouldn't be offending the population with this semi-deep [cabbage].
  10. How2PK


    The music has developed throughout the years. But I understand what you mean. They always have this feeling of boredom and non-interest (is there a better word for this in English?) that creeps up in their music. It's been a while since I last played Radiohead (before hearing this Lotus Flower), so I kind of forgot about them. But yea, why should you listen to Radiohead? They are either angry, angsty or just plain down. Always wearing a heavy heart up their sleeve. If it isn't with a guitar it's with some crappy electronics. I say we should all start dissing Radiohead!
  11. How2PK


    I already said it's terrible, didn't I? Why do you guys keep praising it?
  12. How2PK


    It's a Talking Heads song. For some reason I can't be bothered to listen to it now. And I don't know why, I really liked In Rainbows. Just can't be bothered. I'll guess I'll hear it when the pshysical thing hits the store. I don't like this early online bull. Also, I don't realy like the title. The King of Limbs? Come on, what's up with that? Why would I want to listen to a record with a title like that. Edit: Decided to pause my record player and looked a few minutes at the Lotus Flower clip. Horrible. Now Yorke doesn't only sounds like a whino, he also looks like one. The track breathes boredom, and the clip is ugly. Why would you want to show yourself to the world like that? Is this a joke? I guess I just want to dislike it at this point. After seeing this clip I even wonder why I would like Radiohead at all? There's nothing to laugh at. Pop-music taking itelf way to serious. I just don't care anymore. Maybe tomorrow! Edit 2: ooh, 'interesting'. :')
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