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  1. Thanks to whoever put the spoiler tags in. And yea, it's going to be a long summer. Although the title of the next episode makes it sound brilliant.
  2. Comparing it to the Balkans is a stretch, it's probably more akin to Ireland.
  3. [hide]^Haha, I know what you mean, really, really great episode. Although I should really have guessed it when Amy said her baby was called Melody Pond.[/hide]
  4. Yes, every 2 weeks. Isn't it the norm to shave them?
  5. The phrase "Only in America" springs to mind.
  6. I Feel sorry for the American tax payer in all this. More or less they've funded the Israeli Defense Forces. Also, I think it's hilarious, the British Government more or less caused the storm yet they couldn't give a crap.
  7. Argentina would be good, they could try and invade the Falkands again, and lose. And I imagine as soon as the US/Russia war began, the Dutch surrendered to the Germans.
  8. ^Saw the highlights earlier, he still has it. My greatest memory is his goal against Greece.
  9. Vettel won but it was a much more enjoyable and closer race than the last. It's really disappointing though, both Mercedes and Renault seem to be lacking, Ferrari as well, just hope it changes soon. Although Monaco should be interesting with the recent changes, plus Red Bull seem to be having problems.
  10. 3 games in and still no mention of China. Wonder what they're doing during all this. Probably colonising Africa.
  11. I have nothing against Vettel but I hope he does terrible this weekend. I really don't want this season to be a repeat of 2004 where one driver dominated throughout, especially after last season.
  12. Anti - Semitic? Please don't pull that crap, I imagine you're the type of person who thinks people who criticise Israel are anti-semetic? And I thank my parents everyday that they didn't circumcise me.
  13. Considering the SAS have played a rather large part in the last 2 it shouldn't be that much of a surprise.
  14. ^True Anyway, does anybody actually think the result will be a YES? I haven't decided which way i'm going to vote yet but I just imagine the turn-out will be incredibly low with the NO vote taking it by vast amount.
  15. How is wanting a fairer voting system stupid? And electoral college? Don't make me laugh, they're are so many things wrong with that system.
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