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  1. champion


    Congrats man, good luck! Curious what part of town you're in now!
  2. champion


    It was sick!! I rolled my ankle and got some weird scratches all over my arm during Trash Talk but the show was so tight and energetic, v cathartic.
  3. champion


    absolutely saddened, shocked, disgusted. a man with no political experience now leads the united states. a reality tv show host, a failure of a businessman, an anti-science buffoon, a bully with little taste, class, or civility, has successfully conned his way into the white house by exploiting the fears of a largely under-educated, angry voter base. honestly an embarrassment.
  4. At long last, got enough Magikarp candy to get a Gyrados. :thumbup:
  5. The porygon was in a public park, lots of trees and stuff. No idea how much environment plays a role in one spawning, above all I think I just got lucky.
  6. Got enough candies to evolve a Slowbro, I'm stoked. Also got a Tangela from a 5km egg which I'd never seen before (rare around here I guess). Probably my rarest/coolest catch was finding a Porygon in the wild, that was a surprise.
  7. Cool, I caught a Tauros. Only seen one once before and it ran. The one I got isn't even strong, but it's just a nice one to add to the collection.
  8. Yeah people are blowing this way out of proportion and are being really entitled.... like, nobody is forcing you to keep playing, calm down. Niantic's actions have definitely been very puzzling to say the least tho.
  9. i realized that i don't even really care about combat stats and IVs and all that stuff much at all like, generally if you're level 20+ you can take control of a gym by yourself anyway. it's not worth the extra effort to me worrying about types and movesets and getting a 10% combat difference at best by evolving the right pokemon, etc i just wanna catch em all. and on that note, i have 101 in the pokedex now
  10. Got to level 22 today, most of the way to 23. My Pokedex is at 97 caught/98 seen. Excited to go to California next month so I can find some pokemon that are common there that are rare here haha.
  11. champion


    Probably all the high fructose corn syrup
  12. champion


    Damn idc what anyone says, Uncrustables are good
  13. I'm level 20 rn. waiting til i have some more ready-to-evolve pokemon before mass-evolving with a lucky egg active. 50k xp needed between levels now though lol. @sporks, the grass/leaves animation means there's an increased, but not guaranteed chance of a pokemon being there yeah the 'nearby' tab is broken right now, kinda sucks.
  14. champion


    Nice, cap hill is a great place to live while you're young. it can get a little crazy around there, but yeah it's definitely the place for all the young hip people (such as myself !) to be. also check out wallingford, which is near u-district, for a more subdued but still fun bar scene. i've been bar hopping there a lot recently. hmu if you ever want any more seattle recommendations or need a new drinking/pokemon go buddy!
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