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  1. 4 years later, we still have the same birthday ;) :D

  2. Sam


    waiting for new records to arrive in the post story of my life (on saturdays at least)
  3. chill in out - quiet friday

  4. KWC 92 by KWC 92 Stunning leftfield, abstract electronic track from an equally great concept album on L.I.E.S Records. Check it out.
  5. Sam


    It's freezing here in England. Spent the day listening to records nursing a hangover. Lazy day after a long week. edit: hello all, it's been a while
  6. hello - i'm not sure what you're asking - do you have an invite for the site or something?

    1. stevepole


      Yeah, I recently got an account there, and they gave me a few invites to give out. Thought you might be interested.

  7. Hey Sam, you interested in a Cargo Collective account?

  8. Sam

    Electronic Music

  9. Sam

    Electronic Music

    ah man, just looking back through this thread.. i was such a pleb. here's some stuff i'm digging at the moment; http://youtu.be/g18jjlg88pc http://youtu.be/FiRLb8AYgIc http://youtu.be/hphZuIFdkFE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLr52XxTfCc
  10. Sam


    been resting a lot today, had some weird infection in my lungs so i'm just taking it easy
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