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    1. Marco


      Haha, that Carlill v Carbolic case and Donaghue v Stevenson are probably the most memorable cases during my whole degree! Kudos too for finding such a meta meme - can't imagine many people would have any idea what it means ;)

    2. jimmy_jim


      I can't get R v Brown out of my head, one [bleep]ed up case

  1. -- hit post too soon --

    Enjoying your mod duties? Everyone behaving themselves ok since I left? :p

  2. Hey, remember you from ages back.

  3. Yeah, ofcourse! :P I found the case there saying it's used in a journal article, found the journal article which just mentioned the case in a footnote. No facts or anything, haha. I should probably give up and look for others

  4. Does your uni provide you with access to Westlaw UK/LexisNexis for cases? If you can't find it in there then it probably aint worth knowing :p

  5. Yeah yeah, I know it's important. Doesn't make it any more interesting though, haha. I took up an extra subject in Criminal law this year though, which is fun. It's impossible to find some older cases though which is really annoying.

  6. Yeah, I had to do that in first year (was just called Contract law, no idea what this Contract 'A' business is all about ;p ). It may be a dry and dull area, but it is probably the most useful module you can have as it applies to so many other areas of law. Knowing your way around a contract will aid you to no end, especially in company law/employment law etc.

  7. Yeah, putting off doing stuff is awesome. It always gets done better at the last minute :P. I was meant to have a placement too, but the basement of the place was flooded so that didn't work out. I enrolled into Contracts A this year which I was meant to do in first year, it's the most boring area of law tbh

  8. Yeah, it's going alright. I've got a big piece of employment law work due for tomorrow that I'm of course putting off as usual >.<

    Placement is not going so well. The company has had a lot of trouble during this recession, but hopefully they'll commit to the programme..

    How has life been treating you over these last few months?

  9. Ofcourse! How's your law work going? You just started a placement as you left staff right?

  10. Can't help but bash dem bots, Gmod or not!

  11. nice reporting skillz

  12. Hey, I'm 2/3 through a law degree (UK). Just so you know, if you're serious about taking legal action, you should know what you've signed up for just by creating an account. If you really want to go down this route then I'd advise you to first contact Jagex themselves by emailing [email protected] This is the current version of the legally binding contract you have entered into with Jagex Limited: Terms and Conditions [3rd March 2011] Now, I don't think that I fully understand what the grounds of your planned action are. Which terms from the above contract do you think Jagex have breached exactly, because that is what a court will want to know if it ever did get that far. Just skimming through the contract, the terms which regard people who break the rules themselves (including use of bots) are covered under the heading "Our Rights". The most important part of the whole contract regarding what I believe to be your complaint, would come under the heading "OUR AND YOUR LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY": What would at first be important to consider here is the extent to which Jagex owe you a legal duty of care, and whether by "allowing" players to use bots breaches this duty of care. The extent of the duty of care owed to you can be estimated through several cases that have already taken place at High Courts, Court of Appeal and the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court), so you'll have to research the case law yourself I'm afraid. Oh, and by the by, if you're American (I'm assuming you are, what with the "class action"), you should to familiarise yourself with UK contract law to take this further because, like with every contract you've agreed to online, the company will want any proceedings dealt with in the country of that company's HQ, as stated here: Going by what I believe to be your complaint... I really don't think you should bother with this, though. From what I've read, there are no terms in the contract which specifically bind Jagex to providing a "bot free" environment for you to play. In fact, Jagex specifically do not guarantee that other users will comply by their rules. They go on to suggest a possible remedy for people in your situation ("I paid for a product and I don't want bots diminishing my enjoyment of the product"?): If you can clarify exactly what part of the contract you think has been breached then I can go into further depth for you if you like. Hope this helps.. As far as I can see, there has been no breach. Jagex have excluded themselves from liability with regard to other players using bots. They have not breached their duty of care owed to you. You have no legal claim to remedy. Then again, I've only spent 10 minutes reading through the contract, and I do not have a full law degree yet (let alone the fact that I'm not even a practising contract law lawyer), so I must warn you that I am not liable if you choose to take action based on my advice. As said, if you really want to look at the full possibilities then I'd suggest you first talk to Jagex about it and then seek independent legal advice.
  13. Please, WKW, just use bank tabs! I'll even let you use my template: Magic tab example: Tab: 1 - General junk used infrequently (Desert Robes, Pyramid plunder loot (to note and sell later on to the NPC, all kinds of currency & tickets, bones etc) 2 - Melee (weapons, armour, slayer gear) 3 - Range (crossbow, knives, darts, bolts, hides, accumulator etc) 4 - Magic & Runecrafting (Runes, staves, robes, pouches, books, essence) 5 - Fishing & Cooking (raw and cooked fish, cakes [for agility], rods, nets, bait, feathers, cooking urns) 6 - Herblore & Farming (vials [filled + empty], clean herbs, secondary ingredients, pestle & mortar, finished potions, herb and tree seeds, spade) 7 - Summoning (charms, pouches, shards, commonly used familiar pouches, common secondary ingredients) 8 - Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, Fletching, Construction & Crafting (Pickaxe, ore, hammers, bars, knife, tinderbox, axe, logs, saw, planks, chisel, gems, jewellery, moulds, needle, dragonhide, flax, bowstring, etc etc) 9 - General items used frequently (Glory amulets, lightweight gear, task area rewards, other quick teleportation items) I can provide pictures of each tab if you prefer a visual alternative. Tab 8 is so big because the resources are usually shared between those skills.
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