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  1. Jagex is in a real bind as it is now estimated that 10% of the players are macro users have been accused of scamming other players or are just annoying the populus at ge with Merchandizing Spam. The other 90% of the community just wishes not to see this anymore. It is unrealistic for players to believe Jagex is about to get rid of 10% of its income base so it is unlikely that these rule breaking offenders will ever receive any form of punishment that will permanently remove these cheaters from our gaming lives. Jagex you did a wonderful thing when you designated a few worlds for quick chat only to protect the most vulnerable players from some of the vulger players. Why not designate 20 worlds as Alternate Player Worlds. Anyone who is accused of using a macro or scamming multiple players or just being annoying on the spam or any other serious rule breaking can be permanently placed here. The players will suffer no penalty other than being removed from the 90% of players who do not want to play with them. They have full access to everything they are just limited to what world they are allowed to play. Anyone can go to these worlds so that they can still have contact with their friends. Cheaters can get all the capes collect all the wealth they want its just that the rest of the rs community wont have to see em ever.
  2. Perhaps if the Lawsuit was designated into forcing jagex to provide number of players permanently kicked off the game every day and number of people muted or temporary banned they dont have to give names but provide proof that they are removing cheaters from the game. The number of people using cheats has gotten way out of control
  3. Jagex has entered into contract with its paying customers to provide a safe environment to play with rules of conduct and play enforced by Jagex. But.... The number of bots introduced into the game has been increasing exponentially to the point that some of the newer macros are affecting the experience per hour non cheating players can now earn. Example the new Ardougne Master Farmer bot. A live player will try to corner the Master Farmer in the Farmer Npc house so that his movements are limited and one can pickpocket quickly. But the new macro the cheater does not care how fast they gain xp as long as they can do it over time. So they can afford to leave gates open or leave the house door open or leave to bank their ill gotten loot regardless of whether or not the farmer will escape. The non cheating player will then spend 20 minutes trying to corner the farmer again only to have it released the next banking cycle of the bot. Those of us not cheating are having our game experience affected by reducing the selling price of our loots because they can collect far more than the non cheating player. It reduces the achievement of our Skill capes as hundreds of macro using cheaters are able to get them faster than us. They are also using their loot to buy other capes they cant cheat on increasing the price of raw goods such as bones because they can acquire more wealth than the non cheating player. I believe that this has now gotten to the level that Jagex contract with players is now in violation by Jagex in that they are not following the contract in assuring that all players follow the rules of play and conduct. Anyone out there who has a Law Degree in any country where Jagex is conducting operations please see if Jagex not controlling the bots is violating the terms of contract we have with them. and can instigate a class action lawsuit to force compliance and/or financial restitution to those not cheating.
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