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  1. Not sure then. Check the quest log and see what next step you are on? If you are playing oldschool, then the quest helper plugin might be of assistance
  2. Go back to the boat. I think you need to repair the boat in the port again. Or not, but you need to go from the port. Also, as soon as you get there, open the hidden door. It will stay unlocked forever. That should had been the first thing you do once you got there 😉
  3. This may be a long shot, but does anyone remember the stand alone little wiki/guide app that was made by a Polish person, from 2004-2005? It had quest guides, the game map, skill guides, calculators, all bundled together in its own program. I did send emails to what addresses I could find, but they all seem to be abandoned. Not surprised, it is over 20 years old Anyone have a copy of this? Curious...
  4. Still, that is data that could end up being used to recover accounts. I see where you are coming from, but sharing how people's accounts are could leave them open to being hijacked. Individually, if you want to share your account age, great. But if someone out there (be it Jagex or someone else) starts sharing your personal account info without your knowledge, that wouldn't be peachy.
  5. I doubt Jagex would acknowledge anyone's account age in the public. Otherwise, that would open your account to vectors where it can be hijacked. Knowing you played before what, 2008? Means you log in with a username. I guarantee you that your RS username has been leaked somewhere before - everyone's has. You shared a screenshot that included your name? Any of your friends shared a screenshot that included your name? Leaked!
  6. It's just a weapon turned red for fantasy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_axe
  7. Nice. That one, as well as the fletching pet, were the only two that I genuinely wanted.. never got them when I was going for them, ended up getting the construction pet on a whim using 50 some mahogany logs. Don't think I'll ever end up getting them anymore.
  8. Very well might be. The admins might had disabled them for bulk outbound/spam emails
  9. Congrats. I think I got to 25 or something from my semi-weekly-daily spins.. honestly, seeing the new combat update is great because it makes it easier for everyone to understand accuracy. But I still have no interest to play. I don't recognize most of the stuff in my bank anymore
  10. Both games are vastly different. Oldschool isn't 'how the game was in 2007', it is more like what the game would had been, today, if they never implemented MTX and EOC combat system.
  11. I feel you. The sunken cost fallacy is one of the reasons why I have never played another MMO other than runescape. Though I did break my own rules by jumping ship from RS3 to oldschool. Though I really believe that you might like ironman. If not on RS3, on oldschool. It's a similar game, but different in a lot of ways.
  12. Perhaps you might be interested in playing an ironman? It is entirely DIY https://runescape.wiki/w/Ironman_Mode/Strategies/Efficient_Ironman_Pathway_Guide
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