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  1. Interesting about falling off the hiscores. At somepoint im still hoping to take the crown of longest active Runescape account. I mean I started playing the second month of the games launch there was only a few thousand players back then and of them how many could possibly still be actively playing?
  2. I just wanted to add that Tip.it is suffering from the same thing that all fan sites of any type involving gamming are now suffering from. @YOKO KURAMA was right when above he mentioned all the others ways to gather information those same reasons killed all fan sites. While the sites themselves haven't died any revenue they did created has plummeted. They might stick around on life support because they had a large following but new user accounts will be few and as older members drop off these sites slowly die. Its sad but its the internet cycle of life so to speak. Mostly Youtube, twitch and reddit caused these down falls. Wikis also depending on the game but a lot of games the Wiki's take a while to be updated.
  3. YA I agree the whole must play at the start of an hour or nothing is terrible. I barely play an hour a day so its been hard to rack up points in this event.
  4. It is crazy to think about how long RS has been around. I still play almost every day but only for a short amount of time to send ships and a few other daily money makers. I went from knowing pretty much everything to being a noob due to updates and new content I haven't followed. Anyway I think low levels are important because the game will die off if at least some new accounts don't stick around each year. I have to be one of the few people left that started playing in 2001. But of all accounts created then how many are left? Anyway the belt update seems good, if I slay I still go after the low?(the slayer master in the cave with the water fiends) level things so this is some what useful for me. 95 slayer I think maybe 96 dunno. I'm probably doing it wrong but whatever im a time/xp waster.
  5. RuneTrack is telling me I walked away from that quest almost one million experience richer... Maybe it's just because I'm like the only non-maxed person left on the forum, but I'd say that puts it pretty far above most other GM quests in terms of rewards. I do agree that it could have been a lot better in a number of ways (because even I'm getting tired of my rants), just that the rewards weren't one of the things that needed improvement. I think he means more diversity and uniqueness, like Tormented Demons, interesting equipment, access to areas with good incentives to keep coming back, etc. rather than batches of XP and a now basically useless realm area. I am not maxed and I find getting a bunch of XP actually not all that satisfying. XP feels like a cop-out reward. e: ninja'd If i recall correctly Mod Mark said that the goal for XP to 99 would be about half from quests and half from training. So Xp being a big part of a quest reward fits into that.
  6. So not sure if this is glitch or what but today I had a crew man die. When my ship returned it said I failed the mission one crew fell overboard. I still got a level up on another crewman. My life boat still shows as active. So as this happened to anyone else?
  7. @tripsis that explains it then, this was honestly the first scam email i have ever got. I was thinking this was a rare thing since i have played RS since 2001 and this is the first time I have got an email like this. Well i guess all is good then. Is it(runescape scam emails) common and not worth posting about then?
  8. Always, it says 10 24 2008 but i was a member of the old site prior to that but i took a long time to redo my account when everyone had to resign up. I think it was from like 2004ish?
  9. @Quyneax took the link out(I was thinking i shouldn't post the link but figured it would get taken out if it should be there)... I wasn't sure how many people got the email so i wanted to get it out as quick as possible so as many people as possible could avoid thinking its from Jagex. But for Tip.it staff the email i used on this website is not used on any other runescape related site so im not sure how scammers got ahold of it? Did anyone else get the same email?
  10. Why i think it may be something to do with tip.it is becuase the email this message was sent to has only been have used with tip.it and not on any other Runescape fan site or with Jagex themselves. Here is the email:
  11. I was hoping that the 5mil price was a guarantee until * followed the statement..... Damn you asterisks, damn you to hell....
  12. Which is everything wrong with this. Once again, Jagex failed to find any semblance of balance. Challenging content is good-- Vorago is challenging, but not impossible, even if you only have t80 gear. Thus far, only the the best of the best, with the best in slot gear, can accomplish this. Even though THOSE [bleep]ing people don't even need any of this because they have already got so much wealth they can never spend it all. I think what Jagex should do is for the first month of a new boss monster release if keep it really hard. But after 1 month they should nerf the bosses so that its possible to kill them if your an average high level player (99s in all combat but not best in slot gear)/ best gear but not all 99s (90-95+ stats). Making boss monsters that only the maxed and best in slot gear folks can do forces the supply way down and keeps the costs insanely high.
  13. I wonder if the level 90 shields will be permanent I fully expect the armor will degrade to nothing.
  14. I have already addressed quite literally every single thing you have mentioned, I have no interest in repeating myself. Sorry, but to me, it just sounds like you have a personal vendetta against the obscenely rich. Who cares? It's completely irrelevant to the discussion. Maybe I am a secret Communist bent on killing all the rich people. Maybe I am Robin Hood. It's irrelevant, because my arguments stand independently of who I am or my personality. If you think who I am discredits my argument in any sense, you're basically making an ad hominem attack. Surely you can do better? Yes, I despise hoarders and price manipulaters. Most in RS do. I have made unconventional arguments regarding how to deflate the economy, so have wealthy, establishment economists in the West. My argument is no more unnatural or biased, than the people who think that people in RS should be able to gather however much money they want and do whatever with it because they have "earned" it. It's just that I have gone completely in the other direction. Communism wouldn't kill the rich it would take their wealth for the "greater good" which is what you want. Take away money from the "Rich" which in turn makes you more wealthy as long as you’re under the threshold of what is "Rich". Your argument is only furthers your own ambition of wanting your money to go further in an online game. You want the high end items to be cheaper and easier for YOU to obtain, rather then earning the money yourself. Example in 2 hours a day you can make 2 million x 30 days 90 million. Use that to begin to merchant lower end items. While still spending 2 hours a day to make 2million. After 2 months you should have should have close to 200mil now you can start to merch higher valued items and continue to spend 2 hours a day to make 2mil each day. Repeat for 8-12 months and you have well over a billion in coins. This game is all about time and how you use that time. **Just to note to anyone else I'm using the Max char stats for the 2million per 2 hour amount obviously if you are not max combat/ other stats it will be much harder to hit that amount of money every 2 hours.
  15. Welcome to Communismscape.... This is the worst idea i have ever heard. If you want to introduce a tax just make it based on items values in that items valued over X have a 10% tax paid 50-50 by the seller and buyer when sold through the GE. Your idea is overly complex and punishes people for have in game wealth.... That's kind of the point. The economy is in a mess because people horde to much in-game wealth thereby allowing high end prices to go through the roof due. To fix the economy you need to remove gold from the economy and discourage people from excessively hoarding gold. Also I fail to see complexities, yes perhaps in introduction it may need to have some complexities but it is a very simple system have of x value get taxed y % dail/weekly/monthly/whateverly. Set the threshold right and it only punishes people who push to excesses without touching normal play. For example your system will punish me because I have more then max value bank(Im using max value as being higher then the number will display on the trade screen). I have some rares not becuase i merchanted or PVM 24/7 everyday for years or did things to get rich and buy them but because i played when they were released and kept them so while on paper Im super rich by some Runescape standards I really am not as all my stats and money was mostly DIY and it took 11 years to gain(sadly I have no noncombat 99s). Why should I be grouped with players that have played for 4 years and used the GE to get the same bank value as me. They did it their way i did it by just being at the right places at the right times. But i dont think either of us should be punished. I still don't understand what you are trying to do by limiting how much wealth an account has in the bank?
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