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  1. even though I stopped playing RuneScape over 5 years ago, I still listen to Old RuneScape music when I study. It's so damn nostalgic.
  2. I remember back in the day posts came very often and just browsing the forums today, posts are few and far between?
  3. wow the nostalgia is unreal. I remember trying so hard to find a black arm member like 9 years ago for this quest. :'(
  4. I still remember losing my very first rune plate armor to a simple trade removal scam way back in 05. ahh....the nostalgia of this game.
  5. 2006 and 2007 were the golden years of RS for me. Quit as EoC came, but I really do miss the old days
  6. there's nothing wrong with playing runescape, but it is a very outdated game and there are much better games out there. i would rather spend time playing better games and having more of a social life (clubbing, chilling with friends, meeting new people). runescape was a game i played as a child in elementary, middle school, and early high school. As i grow up, i dont have enough time to spend playing rs, newer games, having a social life, and studying.
  7. nah i dont even bother logging anymore, game is too different for the worst now
  8. stick around with a dying game...i miss the old days so much, but it's time to move on fellas, whether you're willing to admit it or not
  9. Man, i loved this game for so many years. Played since 2004 and quit in early 2012, it's a pity to see it dying out now. I still remember playing this game for hours after school, spending like 2 months picking flax for my first abyssal whip and dragon plate legs in seer's village. Too many good memories in this game, but now there are too many unnecessary updates. Jagex did not respect the feelings of the players and EoC was just the nail in the coffin. R.I.P Runescape. :cry:
  10. i dont lurk around the forums and i dont play it anymore, l2 read lol. im just saying i checked it out today and frankly its horrible i cant see why all of you would continue to play.
  11. lollll clearly jagex wants bots around. They basically approve of real world trading now (that new store thingy, rune coins). They can cut a deal with bot companies like Powerbot so they can both make more money. Jagex just needs to ban enough to keep sheep fans believing that Jagex wants to remove all bots
  12. very excited for this game, played prophecies, factions, nightfall, eotn. loved prophecies the best by far. all my gaming time is going to split between GW2 and counterstrike source!
  13. well for starters all the unnecessary armor changes. was it really necessary to change rune armor to that putrid cyan color? barrows armor was fine before they changed it. dragon boots look like red sandals... obviously the money updates were horrible now the combat beta is coming in. i mean i already stopped playing for ages, but it just seems like RS is just getting worse and worse with each update. So many of the updates feel unnecessary and the game just feels different
  14. rs sucks now, i miss the old days too. It used to be fun playing, now Jagex is just getting money hungry
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