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  1. Skipping meals, not quitting eating altogether. It was basically just a substitute to eating less food, instead of eating my whole day in a meal. I still got all the nourishment that I needed.
  2. Sorry if I didn't put this in the right forum category... I looked a few times and didn't really find anything that would fit it better >.< Anyways, this may seem long, but just bear with me. You'll find this very interesting. So, I've been a BIG RuneScape player for about the past year now, it's really the only thing I really ever used to think about. It's basically in my blood. I used to talk about it to friends, but all I'd ever hear from them is "HAHA lowlife loser!" or "nolife!!!" and garbage like that. I would even hear it from past players, players I used to PLAY THE GAME WITH. I know it's hyppocritical, and I should realize that. I would usually laugh a little, but in the back of my mind, I always thought... "Are these guys serious? Is RuneScape really that bad? Should I quit?" Well, I'm gonna tell you this right now. I went to Indiana for my spring break, and I was there for the whole time (minus one day,) which was about a week. I started a new RuneScape account, after ending the life of my month-old PK Pure account... basically gave everything away on it. I made the account on April 11th, 2012. I got back home on April 8th, 2012. After my last day of rest, I went back to school on the 10th, so I made my account a day after the first day back at school. So I had the account for about a year. Before losing my account, among that one year span, I clocked in 250m total XP and 14 99's. The account was banned on February 11th, 2013, so I had the account worked on for exactly 10 months. I had 99's in Attack, Prayer, RuneCrafting, Herblore, Thieving, Fletching, Cooking, Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Hunter, and Farming. I also had 98 in Strength and Constitution, 92 in Ranged and Crafting, and 80+ in every other skill. It was banned for suspected botting when I actually just heavily AFK'd skills, and sometimes stayed logged in just to farm certain crops that took a long time to walk too. Basically, every time someone brings up RuneScape to me (which a lot of people do just to make fun of me,) I tell them I have a noob account so that I don't look like a nerd, or w/e you are for playing RuneScape. If I go "Yeah 14 99's in all these skills" or etc, you'll look like a nerd. Well, now I'm about to explain why playing RuneScape isn't even bad, and why you shouldn't be considered a nerd for playing it. Why should you not be considered a nerd for playing RuneScape?: First off, RuneScape isn't anything more than a grind-fest. You do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time. The game is basically Albert Einsteins definition of insanity. So, you can say you're insane if you play RuneScape. Or you can just say you enjoy the game. Either way, you're doing the same thing over and over again. I really do NOT see how that makes it nerdy. Of course, there's a lot to learn about stuff that isn't existant, but there is in almost EVERYTHING this world has to offer. If you know a lot about football, how is that not nerdy? All it is is either trying to throw and catch a ball, or trying to stop someone from throwing or catching a ball. That's everything you need to know. All those offensive plays, the screen passes, the certain positions, that's just stuff that you need to know to play the game. It's only existant in the game you're playing. That's how it is about RuneScape. So basically, if knowing a lot about RuneScape makes you nerdy, then knowing a lot about "the extremely manly sport that makes you popular if you play it" (football) also makes you nerdy. Think about it, though. Everything that makes you popular is just a basis of one simple thing, and it's the other surrounding things that make it a larger thing. Like honestly, here's something that's a perfect example: sex. I don't know if I should be talking about this here, but I'm going too. All sex is is putting a penis in a vagina. Knowing outside things, like positions, speed, etc. are what make it enjoyable. Knowing all of those things? I guess that makes you nerdy. Just like RuneScape. For Firemaking, you know that you're supposed to burn logs. Knowing, say, what logs to burn. You need knowledge to do that, which, apparently, makes you nerdy. Hopefully, that makes sense. That's why you shouldn't be considered a nerd if you play RuneScape. Why is playing RuneScape not a bad thing?: Well, let's start it off here: I ate a TON during spring break. Ate out somewhere every day, multiple times a day actually. Had a day where we ate at 2 resturaunts and got fast food twice as well... in one day. So, when I came home, I weighed myself. I'll inform you of that weight later in the story. So anyways, after I got into RuneScape, I was addicted. It took my life over. I stayed home about 15 times at the LEAST to play RuneScape, and wouldn't leave the computer when I did. I get home from school... just to play RuneScape. I didn't care about much other than it. So I realized that I had just failed 2 classes the previous semester (despite every other class not being anything lower than an 85%) and if I didn't pass every class this semester, I have to go to summer school. The only problem I had was Algebra..a hell-spawned class that refused to let me pass. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw I had a 56% in that class was RuneScape. I cracked DOWN on that class. The last 6 weeks I lacked a missing assignment and a test that I got lower than a C on. I wound up passing the class with a 59.51%, lowest possible D. I would've failed it if it was an Honors class, which I would've needed a 67.51% to get a D in it. Thank god I've never taken an Honors math class. So, all my classes passed. Summer's here, and I'm clear!!! No summer school!!! TIME FOR RUNESCAPE! Wasted my whole summer on RuneScape. Other than to leave the house for a split 30 seconds to let the dog out or take out the trash, I probably left the house about 15 times in the 12-week summer. I never went to anyone's house, besides my dad's, I went to a few places, I went to the beach, I went to Chicago, and I had friends over 3 times in total. Rest of the days were 10+ hours/day on RuneScape. Biggest waste of time in my life... or so I THOUGHT. I thought all this computer time would've made me gain weight and become extremely lazy, but here's a few scenerios that I'm sure we've ALL had before. Mom/Girlfriend/Guardian: Hey, you want some food/meal? You: No thanks, I'm busy. Right there. Eating would be a waste of XP. So you decide to skip meals sometimes. I did the exact same thing. Of course, they wouldn't be vital meals. I would just skip lunch or dinner and lack eating snacks the rest of the day. I would still ear breakfast FIRST thing when I get up, even before I use the bathroom. That speeds up your metab. really good, gets it kickstarted. You'll end up burning a lot more calories when you do (it's only about .5 calories/pound, but still adds up to a lot.) Keep your needed meals inside you, and skip the unnecessary ones. With my weight, I was burning about 2500 calories/day with my speedy metab. And my caloric intake wasn't much more than 2100. What did that result in? Losing a pound every 10 or so days from doing absolutely NOTHING. Another thing: I used to drink a LOT of pop. When I started getting addicted to RuneScape and hated wasting XP, I needed something to keep me up overnight. So, I switched to LO-CARB Monsters. First thought: "OMG BUT MONSTERS R BAD 4 U TOO!!!!!" Okay, I know. Lo-carb. Look it up, 20 calories/can. Much better alternative than pop. I drank, probably, around 50 of them during the summer, better than 50 pops. So, here's what happened when school started again. I ended up not missing a single day of school first semester, but was still obsessed with RuneScape. With Physical Education class, along with a big ass school I had to walk around a lot, I was getting about 30 minutes of moderate exercise/day, so woot!!! And I was still hooked on RuneScape. My outside-school time was all dedicated to RuneScape. I wound up with one F, again in Algebra (should've just taken it in the summer.) I was banned on RuneScape for botting assumptions, and yet to get anything from Jagex about reinstating my account's privlages. I basically gave up on that account. I made a new account and got 83.5m Firemaking XP and 99 Woodcutting on it. I've given up on it now too, though. So, about the weight thing. It's been, roughly, 11 months since I recreated my RuneScape account. Right after coming back from spring break, I weighed myself. I was 5'5" and weighed 253 pounds. FML. After doing NOTHING with my life, except RuneScape, I weigh myself 11 months later. 5'8" and 213 pounds. OMG DAVID U LOST 40 POUNDS FROM DOING NOTHIN!?!?!?!?! Yup. Probably don't think RuneScape is all that bad anymore, do you? If you think RuneScape is still a bad thing, you're retarded. Now, I'm not saying "Dudeeeee, play some RS to loze weight!!!!!!" No, not at all. This was just because of my constant meal-skipping and making somewhat healthy substitutes. This could've been because I weighed a ton before all of this, as well. I'm still overweight, but not obese anymore. I've quit RuneScape now, because I wanna try to use my new self out in the real world a little. That, and I'm starting to get into Call of Duty: Black Ops II. More of Call of Duty than not. So, here's a pros and cons list of playing RuneScape excessively if you're extremely overweight: Pros: Lose weight if you decide to skip meals because of XP wasting. Increase brain size and amount of knowledge it can hold. Get somewhere in RuneScape, so you can actually enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played. Have something you can enjoy. Cons: Excessive play can lead to eye strain. It eats your life away. Only do this if you're a nolife/lowlife. See how there's more pros than cons? Thanks for reading guys. I appreciate it. Comment if you want. If you're reading this from FaceBook, yes, this is David Brian Easley typing this. Oh, and just imagine if I took out a few hours to exercise/day during the summer. I would probably be ripped right now.
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