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  1. I smile when i see the people i love are happy. =) cheesy i know, get over it =P
  2. when i was young i was playing hide n seeek with my friend and we walked in on his parents while they were having sex... awkward.
  3. I believe there is a god, because if there is no god then there is no beginning, no us, in fact the odds of a god are almost a fact. http://www.ucg.org/science/prove-there-god-even-without-bible/ I am not trying to Convert anyone because i believe that you should be able to express yourself. just my opinion i respected yours, respect mine.
  4. Hi im just wondering... what are your hobbies? personally i have been playing less and less of rs lately, i have been doing parkour lately. also i love programming video games with gml. What about you?
  5. Honestly if moderators gave a [bleep] about the game. why don't they get rid of the stupid add bots? you cant ell me that they don't see them. i have never seen a mod hanging round those bots for a minute or two banning them.
  6. Kimberly you are right, the war between and jagex will never end. Jagex can never permanently get rid of all bots. but they can do more to stop them, if a moderator walked in the g.e and just totally obliterated the lvl 3 accounts advertising. then that would even be good. but the sad fact is that jagex makes money off of bots. and for this reason only. bots will never be gone. this forum is not for the bots to be gone, all i want is an effort to make that happen. i see no effort. even if the level 3's advertising are not bots, they are still violating the RWT rule. Kimberly saying it is impossible cancels out all hope. there is always hope, remember that.
  7. another wipe wont help, they need to find a long term fix, if you dont remember when the bot nuke was made, there were no bots! but then a 2 weeks later they were back..
  8. this should explain it all.. Below is a video to Jiblix's channel, jiblix was a moderator that was Demodded for saying why jagex should not with the golden joystick award. this video is the video he posted to show the amount of bots in runescape. skit to 4:05 if the amounts of bots you are seeing doesn't bother you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq9MXlPColw
  9. i like how when you press 1-9 your enemies are not dead.
  10. dude, if you see 30 level 3's going for the same oak tree when there is another oak just a few steps away that nobody goes at. then its a pretty safe bet that they are bots, or mentally unstable.
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