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  1. I don't understand how Runescape thinks if you lower the price of pretty much all the items... That will stop the bots but all it is doing is making them be around longer and make people made that items are loosing value.
  2. Someone asked me what Runespan was and where is was and I tell them "I have no Clue" but they keep asking.
  3. Some will ask me for money.. I give them like 100k and then later they come back with a friend and say either "Can I have money or Look that guy scammed me."
  4. Wow, thanks for the tips... Makes sense I guess.
  5. I've lost 11m off my Bandos Chestplate because of them.
  6. Welcome to Tips.It Runescape

  7. Bots make prices drop, well I think runescape thinks that will stop them, but that just makes more.
  8. Post all your tips for Merching And Flipping for all of the new Merchants. My Tips. 1)Always start off small and work your way up. 2)Try to ask around for good things to merch. 3)Check the Grand Exchange tab on Runescape web site 4)Wait a little to see if prices changes, if it doesn't then that item is in demand. Shadow Stalker....
  9. You can if you want to. :o I think I'll be on later. So yeah. I will have to turn Private off.

  10. Should I add you on Rs? (I won't post my username, but you'll recognize me.)

  11. <.< I Think those 138+ aren't noobs they could pawn my low account in one hit. {:
  12. Thank you so much. °.° I was somewhat confuzed about the topic, I did somewhat read 2 pages of replies.
  13. I'm trying to uploada Photo for my Profile. {^~.~^}

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Good luck. If you have problems, either PM an Admin, or post a thread over in Forum Updates & Suggestions. =)

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