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  1. It was a bad joke about it being replaced by reddit :^(
  2. I really like the upvote/downvote system and karma tracking both comments and submissions!
  3. 3 lol must have had a shitposting period in 2011 2 of them are spam in other too long ago to get details, and the other warning point is for my signature being too large
  4. wasn't lightning the second ever play to sign up to runescape iirc and yeah rip forums as an entire style, I don't play runescape anymore but I have never considered using anything but reddit for league of legends
  5. I think it is horribly flawed to suggest that OSRS some how 'keeps familiarity' when RS3 does not - both are mmorpg with regular updates so OSRS is moving away from the familiar ground that returning players would know in the same was RS3 has. Not to mention the idea that OSRS has 'more bosses' is daft, RS3 has plenty of new boss mobs too. And it's not like the new combat system can be used as a 'keeps players away' thing any more when there is legacy combat mode, momentum, revolution and preset hotbars all of which help people transition from the old to the new system if they wish too and, unlike at launch, people understand the new combat now so there is plenty of guides and info out there to tell you whats what instead of everyone being like OMG 20 MILLION NEW THINGS TO CLICK. Also how does it make sense that you think RS3 having higher xp rates has gone "too far" yet in the next sentence you take issue with it being a "massive time investment" to reach end-game content? You can't have lower xp rates AND smaller time investment they are kind opposite ends of the scale. Also I don't see how in one breath you moan Jagex has been inactive to the changing game market and in the next moan about microtransactions - the biggest change to the games market as a whole these past 2 or 3 years is the move towards microtransactions and Jagex has made that move without completely selling out to a pay-to-win structure. (I mean yes bonds let you buy gp which lets you buy good gear, but it's not as direct or as op as some games do and arguably we could all buy gold already just not within the rules) I had another look at osrs while procrastinating from exams today and it has already moved well past the point where anything is familiar not that that is a bad thing and I am sure if I had been playing the game I would have wanted the new content, but the same mistakes of making weapons armor etc more and more powerful whips are useless again is happening all over again. Not to mention the real problem of there are no new players coming in and everyone wants endgame content
  6. shame, if something like this had been released 2 years ago it might have kept me around as it was sort of the type of open world pvp I was dreaming of. Too long gone to care now
  7. 999134

    10 years

    I think I lost like a year on my join date due to the forums dieing at some point
  8. 200k/hr runecraft exp sounds horrifying when it used to be slow enough that it was faster to train it with effigys
  9. all I remember from that site is killing zezimas dungeon in some game I can't remember the name of. Oh and that worms clone was ok as well
  10. 999134


    Were you the guy that got ddosed awhile back? mm no point getting mad about it now because so long ago, but was always sure it was someone here who sold my ip as it stopped when I stopped using my main ip for tipit.
  11. 999134


    logged onto tipit for the first time in ages. The procrastination from studying is strong.
  12. I love mtg, I play green-blue infect in modern and try and force esper control into standard.
  13. logged in for no real reason, don't plan on playing again just wanted to stare at the stupid stuff in my bank for a bit. any of that stuff worth surprising amounts now
  14. I did very little of the map building, that was done firstly by Podcrash, then my servers staff. But all the landscaping was done by hand (with tools like mcedit though of course) so there are not really any biomes, every river, tree building etc was put there on purpose.
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