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  1. Who could forget a pking legend
  2. Been a while, hope everybody is having a great time.
  3. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  4. Thanks for the message. I should have pointed out I wasn't looking for exact xp/hr, more of a generalization.. For example 5:5 larges with a team should get ~600k dung xp/hr.. soloing ~300k per hour or something like that. Tbh I don't even know what daily challenges are so I'll look into that. Ty for input!
  5. I did c2 fishing to 99 and if I remember right I averaged 70-80k xp/hr at level 90+
  6. Hello. I've been ~114 dung for a few years now, and have almost completely forgot how to dung. I'm max-caped with 114 dung, just curious what kind of xp per hour I should be getting? Also I haven't dung'd really since EOC came out, so what are effective binds? I currently have hexhunt/primal2h with blood necklace and ranger top (tier 11) Every guide I've seen or xp/rates have been for a previous version of the game. Also, trying to bang out 120 Dung by June 1st if anybody wants to join :D
  7. KnightLite

    10 years

    What happened to Off Topic? Place used to be poppin
  8. KnightLite

    10 years

    Technically I joined back on the scapeboards before this forum so it's been a bit longer. Been many many years since I lurked these forums. Finishing up my 8th year of school where I'm a quad major in Air Traffic Control, Airline Dispatch, Airport Management, and Airline Transportation. Played 4 years of college baseball along the way, and somehow never quit Runescape from the first time I played it back in 2001. Any other old timers still out there?
  9. Ended up trolling some people at the GE. Said I found a glitch. Went from 68-75 slayer in a matter of seconds. Got some confused people :)
  10. All exp will be going to slayer. Should be a fun little ride though. Currently all 51 effigies are gorged, getting them assisted before the fireworks start flying. http://www.twitch.tv/helmut4lyfe
  11. I'm 113 dung, haven't played since EOC update. I really want to get the comp cape, but due to the huge amount of updates in my absense, I need some help.. What binds are good for dunging now? (I'm fully maxed) I'm hexed What's the easiest way to help me obtain the dual weapons i need for dunging all the way to 120 Appreciate the info
  12. the 144hz will serve as my primary for Counter Strike.. At the moment I also have a 42" Emerson, 23.1" Asus, and a 21" Princeton
  13. Forums dated way before 2004. Forgot what they were called then.
  14. Lol wow. I forgot how much I used to troll here.
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