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  1. Is there anything in F2p that is decent for afking magic? I've been doing the wiz tower, and getting around 16k/hr with fire strike. Is there anything better for afking?
  2. I see I see. They got rid of the 6hr log then?
  3. Been on a nice little break, is splashing still a thing in OSRS? I have read that they stopped the 6hr log so it wasn't possible, or something like that. I thought I saw someone doing it in a recent video. Is splashing still possible? Thanks
  4. Hello all, If you haven't heard of ARK and you like survival type games, you should definitely give ARK a lookup! Very fun dinosaur based survival game. The private server I am currently apart of is looking for more players. Currently we have approximately 30 players, 10-15 of which are on during peak hours. We would like to grow that number to 30-40+!! If you need any more info on the server of the game, PM me. Thanks for reading and I look forward to playing with you!
  5. Does anyone know where someone could see up to date rates? Curious with the GE release
  6. Fair point, to an extent. I mean no harm towards anyone, just putting it how it is. I supposed uneducated would be a better term? To the OP, I am not sure exactly what you are asking.. I assume if you get in contact with Jagex they can IP ban the people using your account against your consent.
  7. I 100% agree with Sy. As long as you take advantage of Jagex's "protection", and YOU are smart about your passoword choices, what websites you visit, never telling your email, etc, you will never have an honest problem with getting your account "hijaked" or "hacked". Goodluck!
  8. Thanks bud, I'll let you know if its different :P
  9. 12 hours and 43 minutes from the time of this post., or precisely 12 hours from reset, which is in 43 minutes. Central time USA puts that at 6 am. I assume a client restart will be necessary Arceus? I plan on starting right away.
  10. Are there any set up friends chats or anything at all that is there for money transfering? I am having trouble finding anything, the reddit seemed out of date and didnt have luck.
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