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  1. Is there anything in F2p that is decent for afking magic? I've been doing the wiz tower, and getting around 16k/hr with fire strike. Is there anything better for afking?
  2. I see I see. They got rid of the 6hr log then?
  3. Been on a nice little break, is splashing still a thing in OSRS? I have read that they stopped the 6hr log so it wasn't possible, or something like that. I thought I saw someone doing it in a recent video. Is splashing still possible? Thanks
  4. Hello all, If you haven't heard of ARK and you like survival type games, you should definitely give ARK a lookup! Very fun dinosaur based survival game. The private server I am currently apart of is looking for more players. Currently we have approximately 30 players, 10-15 of which are on during peak hours. We would like to grow that number to 30-40+!! If you need any more info on the server of the game, PM me. Thanks for reading and I look forward to playing with you!
  5. Does anyone know where someone could see up to date rates? Curious with the GE release
  6. Fair point, to an extent. I mean no harm towards anyone, just putting it how it is. I supposed uneducated would be a better term? To the OP, I am not sure exactly what you are asking.. I assume if you get in contact with Jagex they can IP ban the people using your account against your consent.
  7. I 100% agree with Sy. As long as you take advantage of Jagex's "protection", and YOU are smart about your passoword choices, what websites you visit, never telling your email, etc, you will never have an honest problem with getting your account "hijaked" or "hacked". Goodluck!
  8. Thanks bud, I'll let you know if its different :P
  9. 12 hours and 43 minutes from the time of this post., or precisely 12 hours from reset, which is in 43 minutes. Central time USA puts that at 6 am. I assume a client restart will be necessary Arceus? I plan on starting right away.
  10. Are there any set up friends chats or anything at all that is there for money transfering? I am having trouble finding anything, the reddit seemed out of date and didnt have luck.
  11. That baseline being the inflated RS3 market. Or I guess flooded might be a better word as opposed to "inflated"
  12. Good point.. I am not very happy the ge is into the game now... :( kinda saddening.... 100% changes the market.. thanks Arc
  13. Curious where I can find the going rates at the moment? Checked around zybez and here with no luck... If you have some OSRS you'd be willing to exchange, let me know. Thanks! EDIT: This is perfectly OK by Jagex's viewpoint, correct?
  14. 25 agility isn't required. This does have me fairly confused however. Maybe they finally fixed that you dont need the agility req, but I did it on a new account less than a month ago.
  15. I have added abilities, problem is it messes up my general slayer/bossing bars, no real issue. And yes, my abilities are queuing faster, and the cooldowns are longer. Problem is, it actually sped them up as opposed to no change.. grrr i wish they wouldnt fix what isnt broke
  16. Hello all, I am a veteran player who has been around the game for ~10 years. I have taken breaks off and on, but have only recently gotten serious about playing. The account I am on now is my first serious account. I have been in a couple clans, but nothing that has really tripped my trigger. Wants: I am looking for a clan that is active, but not huge. Something like 20 people on most of the time. I am mostly looking for something in the US, preferably central time zone, -6:00 GMT. I am wanting to be involved in clan activities often, whether it be minigame events, pvm, skilling, ect. The clan has to be friendly and like to talk and help out others. I am very noob to PVM, as I just recently got the skill levels to pvm effectively. My Skills and Goals: One of my main goals when starting the account was to max my PVM skills, 95 prayer, 96 herb, 96 summoning, maxed combat. I got untrimmed herb and prayer first. I am currently working towards max combat. 96 summoning is in my near future, and am going to possibly achieve it during DXP depending on how many charms I can collect in the next 2 weeks. Also will be finishing up Elf City reqs over dxp and I'll be in the city. I am also working towards a quest cape, but it is in the background. Am currently afking hellhounds while doing homework to hit 99 defence. 120 defense is also a goal in my horizons. Thanks for taking the time to read!
  17. Jagex claims combat has neither been sped up or slowed down with the update. As usual, things that come out of Jagex can nearly never be trusted, and it seems not tested by them either... I play on revolution. I used to use an ability setup that would never have down time before the update. there was always an ability ready to be used. I was basically using the wikias bars with sacrifice, and my own little tweaks. After the update I have substantial down time once all of my abilities que, so this to me says they are queing faster, meaning combat has sped up. I am not having an issue with the speed up, it's whatever. Problem is I am now having some issues with building new bars. I was wondering if anyone has done extemsive training as to what some new ability bar options may be? Possibly just throwing another basic I wasn't using before on the end? Thanks!
  18. Because the lag and dc'ing is due to DDOS attacks and not just poor servers. They can and probably are fighting those, but its not as simple as "just fix the server" Lol jagex explains the issue and why its happening... Moments later players are like... WHY!?!?!! Not quite..... My issue starts where Jagex is explaining the server and network issues. They fully acknowledge that their is an issue with the network. Then under the heading, "what we're doing about it," they claim to be re-working the death system. This is them, very clearly, sdmitting to the server issues and putting man hours into making people happy/distracting with a death system re-work rather than put those man hour to work on the real problem at hand..... As for the bold: I am aware. Why aren't they fixed yet? Or at least minimized? Probably isn't a satisfying term at all.... With all the recent game updates, who knows what the heck they are doing to fix current game issues?
  19. Why Jagex?!?!?!?! Please just fix the network and server lag issues! On the main page outlining the changes, this was a response to the network issues!!! Jagex is saying that we wont work on the network and lag issues, but we will just make it easier on you when you die................. PLEASE EXPLAIN?!?! GRR.....
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