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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Thanks. Don't worry, I have pretty high stats (70+ all except divination) and like 90+ all melees. I probably should have mentioned that somewhere. I'll go check out ankous, they sound kinda fun for some reason. I remember doing slayer tasks on them before.
  3. I've got a few more general questions, Boots/glove slot for free to play? I'm not sure what's best here. Good f2p monsters for exp and money? Still roach soldiers or is there something better nowadays? Thanks again.
  4. The first ticket was successful. Thank you Arceus for the suggestion and IP information. I am very grateful. Now I have to submit a password reset request, I was not totally sure about all of my answers but I think I got enough stuff right it should work out. Wish me luck on that one. ^.^ Thanks for the explanation on weapons/armor and the world events. EDIT: Password reset was successful. Have manged to log on again with my old account. Very happy right now. :D Apparently the hacker was using it to farm blue dragons.
  5. I'm feeling hopeful about this whole situation. Even if the ticket fails I will still try to contact them via twitter, I have high hopes that with some persistence I will be able to recover my old account. But in the meantime, I have a few more questions: What are the main "best" weapons and armor now? I heard about Drygores about a month after I quit, for a frame of reference. The big elf city is accessible now? What can you do there besides steal from elves and farm moss? And what does the moss do (I heard something about new potions, not sure). I remember logging in once and there being some big god battlefield event thing. What was that and what was it about? I appreciate all the help you guys have given me so far. Thanks.
  6. Thank you, I will submit a ticket with my appeal and the IP information. Thankfully I have never moved and since I've accessed this account from the same location for essentially 6 years before it was hacked, it should be pretty convincing. Until then I will start a new F2P account for awhile.
  7. Thanks you very much Arceus, that was helpful. Now I have a little problem, which is apparently during my break between 2013-2015 somehow someone gained access to my account and got it banned for Macroing (Major). I have already submitted a (I believe decent) appeal, but was wondering if there is any other way to expedite the process or contact Jagex in another way. And if anyone has any experience with recovering an account that would be very helpful. Thank you in advance, tip.it members.
  8. Hey, I'm just returning to this game after a really long hiatus of 2-3 years. For a frame of reference, I quit just before Divination came out and the most recent quest was the one where Guthix died (sorry I do not remember the name). What have been the most major changes? What are the new quests (I had a QPC before I quit, I really like those)? New bosses and skills? I'm really out of the loop. Hoping some of you can help catch me up to modern time. Thanks!
  9. This is genius! Great idea and i had no idea this was good for anything at all! Thanks for the guide and 9.5/10 :thumbsup:
  10. Lol i remember when i did Lost City... Not knowing the mage/range safespot, i kicked him to death :shock: Anyway, nice guide 7/10, 8/10 with more pics and maybe more discription on Dream mentor bosses. 8-)
  11. This looks like a good idea! Only ever killed a boss with clan ( KBD Lootshare ftw) Im going to keep and eye on this.
  12. is Woodcutting like a Noob.

  13. Hmm... I didn't know it only took 900 points for 99 str. at SW! I'll keep and eye on this! Lol i have more quest points than you and are about 20 levels lower :)
  14. My...This was very well though out... I support! Also, can you make a rate of how much extra lifepoints/stat boost you get per dungoneering level?
  15. If your someone like me, you kill a boss, do something else for 10 mins, then kill another, and add like 5 entrys to your log. This is a good idea and i support.
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