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  1. As long as they ban accounts rather than computers and/or IPs, they'll fail.
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Well alright then, just a week ago I was considering writing up an article for the Times anyway, might as well have a go now. Years of RuneScape should provide something decent for either one of the category, though I'll likely stick with the fictional one, I've been way out of the loop with RS for the past year or two to do something factual.
  4. Herp derp, as if anyone's going to reveal that now after keeping it a well hidden secret for years. Anyway, I'm one of those who would've gone if it wasn't for the flight to London. 75 pounds ain't all that much to worry about anyway! Nice to know what to expect in other RuneFests though, will try to get there next time!
  5. Any chance they might use the rewards from CCFs in some future investigating related quests to give players some bonuses? Example: If player would've been wearing full investigator's clothing while doing the last Void quest, he might've gotten additional experience or reward, or at least extra chat lines from NPCs (similarly to the Ring of Charus.
  6. Surely they are entitled to do it if there are willing people who'll enslave themselves for them. It's not like they're being blackmailed into helping.
  7. That is definitely not the only way to do it. Also as I believe it's a bug, it might be abusing bug for show-off purposes, I guess?
  8. Jagex ought to go ahead and just release the actual map. I mean, people will figure out where stuff is sooner or later anyway, and not necessarily by legal means :/
  9. As it was mentioned before, bots are to be faulted. Simple googling or even youtubing for such things can easily reveal the vast amount of bots and botters out there.
  10. But can you answer why your 'solution/suggestion/fix' is so unique that it required a new thread, rather than post it in an existing one? Just in the first two pages I can find 2 other posts about combat triangles, probably many more in other boards.
  11. Right, okay. Suggest something better. For the record, my suggestion also removed casting XP in favor of 4xp per damage, but I doubt you read that closely anyway before throwing down a criticizing and pointless post. See, you even agree that it's purely a suggestion. And no, I didn't read your suggestion, I go to suggestion boards when I want to read those.
  12. Having played a bit I'll tell you some spells I can't work without, granted, I'm by no means a pro, but I can hold my ground: Arcane gate and flash. Sure, some will say they can just shock bomb or whatever, but arcane flash is just awesome for huge sinking damage. Shining bolt. A must have in any book, you don't want to wind up against a lich or a wright without one. Den. I just love it - it deals damage, it heals itself. Fire arrow (with fire bolt) - once you learn to properly use it from any spot (save for trapped), it's amazing. 200 damage right there. Bolt's nice too, but other than for the arrow, unnecessary. Rain of arrows (along with fire rain) - With their accuracy it makes it probably one of the more devastating target spells. I can't count the times it's saved my ass when I use it after gating to a hiding spot when Im down to very little hp. Shock bomb - it's just awesome. Aura of Decay - Yeah, guarantees that one guy who's hiding over there to move away. Fire Shield. Vulcano. and the rest I usually mix around depending on the mood. I'll often have deluge or rain of chaos (once you learn to use it properly, it kicks ass), sometimes changing for mud ball and mass boulder or some other stuff. But the first stuff, well, I always feel awkward without it.
  13. I was just thinking that with all the "Combat triangle is unbalanced" threads going around, yours just seemed like a suggestion that could've been posted in any other of these threads. And as for your suggestion, what it is, a suggestion, they will never, ever make free spellcasting. Yes, I say free, because apart from the trivial cost of 10k casts or whatever, people will have no trouble getting 200m magic exp just by shooting something that's trapped while wearing enough magic reduction. Have fun with the entire Edgeville ditch full of people throwing their surges at whatever they can.
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