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  1. Ironic perhaps, I was in Fally just a few days ago and saw a P-Mod urging caution about duel anywhere. I asked them if they would soon be yelling at everyone to "BANK YOUR STUFF!" ;) http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/runescape2/images/c/c0/15_Year_%282006%29.gif/revision/latest?cb=20160523170805 2006 emote was already kind of a half ass attempt at recognition, no? :P
  2. Aaaand they're here! :P I thought this was you, tried to HYT, then came back to this thread and realized your name was completely different :( JaGEx still makes me happy with the little things they do sometimes... :) (They said they were adding bloom to the weapons, but they didn't mention the wings!)
  3. All I know is I can run the java client max everything with excellent performance, but can't really run nxt unless it's on low.. Yeah, I waited hours for the cache to finish loading.
  4. You are able to sell them on the Grand Exchange. HOWEVER, if they are degradable items, which have seen any use at all, you will be unable to repair them, and therefore unable to trade them. This rather annoyingly happened with a close friend who purchased a month of members and was still holding my Ripper Claws when it expired. She couldn't repair them, and I ended up wasting a bond to get them back (since their value exceeds that of a bond, at any rate).
  5. Is the Tuska effect actually good, though? And does anyone know if wearing 3 pieces of the same Warpriest set with Sliske's Parody stacks? As in like, 9 pieces of Warpriest? Does Sliske's Parody set even count as 6 on its own or just 3?? EDIT http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Caroming Does this mean one could hit up to (3+5) 8 targets with the highest rank? I already love camping nodes @GWD2 with Corruption Blast, Chain, and Dragonbreath, so anything to increase that AOE even more could be nice lol Scythe seems like it's only really better for Furies rather than the minions
  6. I love to clear a node single-handedly then use a ton of frags all at once for an instant takeover... That's 15 Butcher Demons if you can't see them all! The symmetry of Chaos! Someone glitched the customization interface. First time seeing Kethsi set in that great of detail :P (have only ever seen the helm "for real")
  7. Also just as an aside, only the Zamorak/Zaros Essences are "cheap". The Seren ones were a bit above a mil each, and the Sliske ones wouldn't buy instantly at 2m each. I personally hate Gregorovic so I can see why he's probably the least favorable to fight. How does the effect from Sliske's Parody (Warpriest effect(s)) stack if you also wear gloves/boots/cape of the same Warpriest set? For example, you set Sliske's Anima Core armor (helm, body, legs) to Saradomin/Zamorak Warpriest, and wear Zamorak Warpriest gloves/boots/cape; do you get a straight 6% + 3% chance at the effect occurring?
  8. I've had some fun here. It's very clear why Noxious Scythe has spiked in price. Besides the obvious (Twin Furies) the Scythe makes killing the foot soldiers an absolute breeze. I love going to a node and massacring what feels like 3 different armies! Perhaps it's a little difficult not to slay my own faction too, but no one cares for very long! The fact that all factions' troops are around the same strength (8k/20k/100k LP, same max hits etc) actually makes things feel a lot "fairer" than GWD1. It's sad that they drop nothing but Ingression Fragments, but I can see why it's like that. Usually, reusing so many assets would have me crying laziness, but here these different creatures are actually very appropriate. I'm especially fond of the return of the Zamorakian Champion and Butcher Demons from the Battle of Lumbridge, relishing the opportunity to see them again. Setting-wise, GWD2 is AMAZING. We're fighting at the core of the planet, and you can see the skybox - the strange pillars protruding from the ceiling help bring everything together. I've just a few detractions. Mainly, the lack of gloves/boots, and Magic off-hand. I do hope GWD 2 is expanded upon, because while some things are surprising/good ideas, much seems lacking as far as consistency goes... I feel as though there could have easily been wings for each faction, as well as overrides for each faction for each combat style. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that Zaros/Sliske/Seren all got dual wield melee overrides. The Twin Furies' blades as actual items also seem out of place, almost like they would have been overrides as well but were added to fluff the Furies' "special" drops. Additional lore really should have been included with this "first" update as well. Although the generals have some backstory, there's little substance. It almost seems as if graphical artists concepted a few new, powerful characters for some factions, then J built a dungeon around them. Although I said I liked the fact that the factions are fairly evenly matched, much was sacrificed as far as special abilities of different creatures. Even if each individual faction didn't receive their respective followers' special perks, there could still be members of each that had some kind of function like healing, AOEs, ability use, etc also somewhat like the BoL. It would be nice to see some kind of actual gain/loss for each faction as well, with a meaning added to capturing the nodes, perhaps as some kind of cycling event.
  9. I'm fairly sure I'll never see a set of full Achto myself, but Achto Primeval + Seis / Rebounder sounds like godmode :o I'd like to see how it would fair in PvP against multiple players with T90 offensive Does Defender's Insignia consider Rebounders shields?
  10. Got enough Rare Item Tokens during the promotion for Sunglasses & enough Reaper Points tonight for another DIY Hydrix -> Reaper Necklace Keepsake. :)
  11. They're common af apparently. I'm okay with that. |^_^| Hopefully this means we won't have to scramble over each other @KK too. I can see myself wanting defenders at plenty of Slayer tasks where I can cannon/aggro everything to go faster but have to put forth a little effort to survive. (Black Demons, possibly any of the 4 "new" elite mobs.) I am not really okay with the Gold Premier Club price increase, though. JaGEx knows I'm a sucker and I'll probably get it anyway... But seriously... <_< If you've been playing RS long enough to care enough to purchase a full year's premium membership, I feel like you (like me, lol) can probably already purchase membership at a discounted rate. I'll basically have to pay ~$47.99 extra this year to be a Gold Premier member... :mellow: Legacy/grandfather rate $5/month -> GPC $9/month. I am an adult with my own income; the question isn't if I can buy it or if it's "worth" it so much as why exactly must they punish those most invested in their product with another increase in price? Obviously no one is forcing me to get it - the extra benefits imparted could be lived without, with a relatively minor disadvantage. (Even if Bonds have increased in price, so has Gold Premier each year since its inception... -.-)
  12. Had to get em -_- EDIT Learned that Blood Necklaces degrade on death if not protected, and you reclaim your grave, like other things. Instead of spending like 10 hrs in SGWD camp, I ran to Rippers a few times. Y'all probably think that's the most minor change ever, but the color is now spot-on with the rest of the 'lilac'. This outfit feels completely complete. :) EDIT2: Another quick one I threw together... I need to actually go do something productive haha Let's call this one the Infantry or Stealth-type. :) EDIT 3: Somebody stop me, I clearly can't help myself.
  13. Personally I'd say Ripper Demons are one of the least grounded in terms of the game content so far, beaten out only by Camel Warriors. Wyverns - We have the skele ones perfectly sensible that they had a living counterpart. Mammoths - We've had a lot of talk about the mammoths of Archeron for quite a while in-game. We were fully expecting their arrival. Ripper Demons - Sure we have a quest and a couple of stories that touch of them but a big part of that lore is that they are a forgotten demon race that vanished ages ago. It doesn't really make sense for them to be chilling out in an old mine right beneath the Abbey that is the one modern source of knowledge on them. One of those secret tunnel making, sneaking out, wandering nuns would've noticed SOMETHING. I mean by all means they are a cool mob and deserved to arrive in-game, but them being on Gielinor (without some prerequisite to explain their return ie TWG or FOTG or something) is in itself a bit iffy with the lore, let alone right under the darn Abbey! Camel Warriors - these are the true outsiders though as nothing in-game to date gives any context or meaning to them. I agreed with your reasoning until I read transcriptions of the lorebooks dropped by the Rippers themselves. ;)
  14. The relevant question now is whether they include Group Teleports in Tele-other or Lunar Spells -_-
  15. Out of all the mobs set to be released this month, I feel like these are likely the most substantially lore-grounded, considering One Piercing Note. That, and the fact that they drop their claws - which I find quite awesome looking - make them the monster I was most looking forward to. We'll have to see how I fare at reset, if I manage to get a task. :P
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