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  1. Why would someone get longs? I get rapiers, and I get maces
  2. if I wanted to refer a friend and make an account for myself. Can I give it two bonds and then get the bonus experience on my !main? or how does that work. What's a good way to use it?
  3. Thanks!! Just curious, but I just felt as if I am spamming the forums with so many questions!! Haha. I solo play, so I gots to have my helpful sources. :) lol.
  4. is it possible to delete or close a posting that I made on these forums? or do they have to stay open for future peoples questions?
  5. What Drygore set should I buy? I have a dragonrider lance currently. And plan on switching because of all this hype about how good they are! I am planning on getting into pvming for cash. Not super rich atm. So it's lance plus most of my bank besides bandos armour and some supplies! Not sure which Drygore's are the ones I should get. Please explain why I should get the ones you say. And where and how I should start making money finally. I good way, I used to do barrows, but looking for something a bit more fun and better cash! Thanks!
  6. What should be my first 99 melee level? I will be using a dragonrider lance inside the abyss. Not sure another great training method? I wanna make some cash too! But willing to not money make, if the experience per hour is that much better there! Because with another 99 or 2 will make it all the easier. Specially after training there I plan on selling lance for 95 prayer. I got a decent melee set, and weapon. I can make super anti-fire pots. Yaddaayadeedaa
  7. I don't care about the space. I would want to be able to sell some other items if they rose or dropped in price. . Because last time I took a break from the game my items rose a couple mil. Visas versa.
  8. Can you sell your members items when you revert back to a f2per after your membership runs out?
  9. Thanks! Great post! It's like 23m I see then
  10. And any thoughts on Bandos? Working for ss and turn. but I am going to have to sell up my tank and I will only have a gear set or 1 stye. Got bandos armor and I have to subjugation with sol as of now. Trying to buy lance to grind melee stats to 99's. At abyss or daganoths.
  11. I have been trying to buy 1 for 19.5 mill past 2 days. Did you sell on ge or in a selling world?
  12. if you have gotten for sold a dragon rider lance in the past few days what did it sell for? And what about the new gwd2 melee dual wield blades go for? Not the range ones. Just curious. Been having a hard time buying since the ge is all screwed up.
  13. I wanna start doing gwd, to start my pvm adventures. Which are the easiest bosses to do with my stats. Give me your reasoning too, try not to mention Bando really.. I wanna try arma or zammy really. Which styles to use, etc.. for cash making, and solo camping.
  14. That would be super awesome! All my friends have quit, making the game pretty much just soloing.. "( what's your name? Or you can pm me. Rs3: nfamousdude
  15. the only reason I would want it is because of the training aspect it was it works like a halbred and it's better than attuned crystal hally. I would just sell sgs along with random stuff. Would still have bandos subjugation, sol, etc. I haven't tried the bandos boss since I was younger and failed after 2 or 3 kills. you tried that method there before? that might be a good idea because I really want to get better at bossing. do I do an instant mode or do I just hop around the world. And you have any suggestions on inventory or abilities just any tips in general?
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